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This page contains all the info I have gathered on Newer's G3 upgrade for the 6400
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Newer Technology, Inc.
4848 W. Irving Street
Wichita, KS 67209

Voice (316) 943-0222 FAX (316) 943-0555

10/20/98 Another G3 card vendor for the 6400?: I received this from Brian who over heard some interesting news from a Mac useres group meeting from Newer Technology. Thanks Brian

Maybe Vimage will have some competition in the future. If so you heard it hear first. I would suspect other vendors to try similar things if the Vpower PF G3 sold well.

Just Updated 10/29/98

Competition for Vimage?: I found this news article at Yahoo! Looks like Vimage may be getting some competition in the L2 slot G3 market.

Newer Technology Announces New MAXpowr G3 L2 Processor Upgrade Cards For Non-Upgradeable Power Mac 4400 Series, StarMax and APS Computers

Configurations, Performance and Pricing
Processor speed Backside cache size Backside cache speed MacBench Processor score Estimated street price
260MHz G3 512K 130MHz 875 $499
300MHz G3 512K 150MHz 975 $599
320MHz G3 1MB 160MHz 1125 $999

Maybe Newer will be making one for the 6400 soon?

Just Updated 11/5/98

Update on Newer's L2 G3 card: William sends info that he got word from Newer that sure sounds like their working on a 6400 version of a L2 slot G3. Thanks William!

Just Updated 2/19/1999

Newer Tech announces G3 upgrade for the 6400!: Just when you thought 2 vendors was enough. Newer sent a press release on 3 new G3 upgrades for the 6400 family of Macs. I found this at MacInTouch 2/16/1999.6

They are also selling a 300/1M and a 400/1M upgrade! The 400Mhz card will run around $1100. Thats $200 less then what Vimage announced for its soon to be released 320Mhz card. I asked Newer if I could review their cards and they said as soon as they get some evaluation units then they will send them to me. It will be my pleasure to test the 400Mhz card :) Click here to visit my Newer Info page. I already had some info gathered when this was rumored a few months ago.

Press release on Newer's L2/G3: Jordan sent me this link to Newer's press release. Thanks Jordan

Just Updated 3/26/1999

400Mhz G3 upgrade for the 6400?, Nope!: I had posted some concerns about Sonnets or Newers 400Mhz cards running on a 6400 at Apples forums and it looks as if I was right. the 6400 has a 40Mhz bus and the current line of G3 CPU's has a max 8x BUS/CPU ratio limit which means the fastest G3 for us is 320Mhz. Scott wrote to Newer and they confirmed this. Thanks Scott.

He is right about Vimages 320/325 card being the better choice for the 6400. As we speak Vimage is just about ready to ship it and it will run around $599. Plus I hear the double boot issue may be fixed? This is the same price as Newers and Sonnets 300Mhz G3's but 20Mhz faster. Vimage will send me a card to review as soon as they're out. On a side note I was told Newers cards may not ship until June or July. I hope they aren't going thru the same problem they had with the 6100 PDS slot G3 upgrade. I remember it being advertised for months before it was ready!

Just Updated 4/17/1999

Reply from Newer on Geo modem compatibility: Mark wrote Newer awhile back asking if they tested their L2 G3 upgrades with a UK spec 5400's Geo modem and they replied that they did not yet. Thanks for the info Mark.

Just Updated 5/27/1999

Newer Techs word on the fate of their 20th Anniversary G3 upgrade: Newer wrote a response to the rumor of them not going to supply a TAM version of their G3 upgrade due to stability issues. It seems they still are working on it but it is taking to long for them to make it stable on this one system so they are slowing down testing on this system to get the others done.

Just Updated 7/2/1999

News on Newers 6400 G3 upgrade: I don't know if the posting I found on MacFixIt's site below means Newer has their 6400 G3 ready or not but they are making a nice bundle for us. Its listed for education resellers but I wonder if they will make a consumer bundle? read on.

Funny how they are advertising this but no mention on whether the G3 card is even ready for consumer sales?

8/7/1999 First user reports on Newers L2 G3: Zach just got Newers 300/200 L2 G3 for his 6400 and has sent me some info over the past few days on its performance. Sounds good so far. Thanks Zach

I'm not sure if the heat sink facing the PCI cards will be a problem or not. I have emailed Newer for more info and a test unit to try. Zach later wrote that its been a week and no issues at all. GOOD!

8/14/1999 Newer drops prices on L2 G3 upgrades: Here is a list of their new pricing. They also combined the L2 G3 products for the 4400 family and 6400/6500 families like Sonnet did so the same upgrade works on both types. This makes it easier for them to manufacture and keep less inventory.

Newer G3 driver update page: Here is a link to Newers page with all the latest drivers. I don't think they have updated their L2 G3 driver let but if you have one then go check it out just incase they did.

More Newer G3 info from Zach: I asked Zach about the heatsink being on the other side facing the PCi cards and if it would be a problem. Here is his reply. Thanks

Question on using LibMoto with Newers L2 G3: David sent me a clipping from Newers FAQ on using LibMoto with their G3's.

That is interesting. Actually it is true and not true depending on what system you have.

I have heard that Apples prefessional line of Macs, namely the G3's and 604e's, use an updated version of Apples math library that is incorporated in OS 8.1 and up. It is better then what LibMoto does for FPU.

Now the 6400 has its math library in the ROM and for some reason (which only Apple knows) cannot use the latest version in OS 8.1 so LibMoto would be better for FPU.

Now it gets even stickier. Motorola has determined that LibMoto clashes with the Geomodem which just about every 6400 came with. I never had the problem but many other people have.

Sonnet used to make LibMoto part of their default install but many people disabled it to get better stability out of their G3 upgrade. Now you have to do a custom install to get it.

Basically some people worship it and others say its just voodoo and doesn't make any system math improvments other than in bench mark apps and then others say it is a mess and ruines stability.

I say just don't use it. If your G3 installer places it in your system folder then remove it. The G3 will give you plenty of speed with or without it. I used to use it all the time and frankly I never noticed a speed increase and I never had any stability issues so I removed it.

10/21/1999 Newer no longer to sell 400Mhz L2 G3's?: Here is another thing that was brough to my attention. Newer does not list their 400Mhz L2 G3 any more. I can't find it on their web site or in catalogs? Did they stop making this one? Again any info on this is appreciated.

I heard that it was due to low demand which I would assume. It was only made for 50Mhz systems which were the 6500 and 20th aniversary Mac so not as many systems as the slower 40Mhz 6400 and clones.

1/29/2000 Newer Guage Pro issue with L2 G3's and info on Newers G3: Ric sent me some info concerning Newers new Guage Pro utility when used to see info on Sonnets L2 G3. He got a very interesting reply. Thanks Ric.

If you notice the highlighted area I made you will see that Newer mentions that some L2 G3's switch CPU's (from stock to G3) when a driver is loaded in the extension folder. From this I get that Newers does not switch CPU's and must boot directly to the G3 from the beginning? I reported some time ago that another company named was working on a L2 G3 that did just this but they stopped work on it. Well it seems Newer has done it and this must be why their L2 G3 is most compatible with video cards and sound apps. Vimage attempted this by doing the soft reboot once the extension was reached to try and get all the extensions to see a G3 CPU but video some video cards did not like this softboot.

Here is another letter I found on MacFixIt's site that further confirms that Sonnets L2 G3 does not update all parts of the 6400 when it boots to let it know it has a G3 instead of a 603e CPU. I also noticed this when I tried Linux on my 6400. The CPU info in Linux reported a 603e CPU with a 300Mhz speed.

2/2/2000 Shortage on Newer L2 G3 cards: Tim sent word that Newer is having a shortage right now with the L2 G3 cards. They did not forcast properly. They should be back up to full stock soon. Thanks, Tim

I also just saw in the latest ClubMac catalog that the 300/512k L2 G3 is not advertised? Newers site still has it showing though so this may be just due to the shortage mentioned.

Newer Online Store: Newer has just announced online sales of their products. So now you can get them straight from the source. I just checked last night and it was not up and running yet :( They also announced a 466Mhz upgrade for revA-revD iMacs. Very cool! I heard thru the grape vine that PB G3 series upgrades are next.

2/12/2000 Newer Tech in financial trouble?: There is a lot of speculation going around about a letter that was posted on the web from Newer to their creditors requesting a new payment schedual for their debts. A lot of people are saying this means the end of Newer? It might be and it might not? I'm sure Apple went through all of this many times over their dark period. I for one do not want to count them out yet. They did just announce the new iMac G3 CPU upgrade and are rumored to announce a PB G3 CPU upgrade as well. But times are tough as there are so many G3 upgrade vendors now that it must be very cut-throat for them all! It was brought to my attention that they no longer have the 300/512k L2 G3 listed anymore and the 300/1M card is now $299. I think this puts their 300/1M card on par with Sonnets 300/1M card but Newers runs the Backside cache at 200Mhz instead of 100Mhz and Newers is more compatible with the Voodoo3. I hope they stay around as I would hate for Sonnet to loose their only competition :)

2/26/2000 Newer discontinues L2 G3!: Many of you may know by now that Newer has stopped production of their L2 G3 series upgrades :( I guess the market had hurt them more then we thought? Their current press release states that the L2 G3 is no longer in production along with a few other items. Also their online store does not list them. When Sonnet came out and had so many issues with their L2 G3 I didn't think anyone could top Vimages stability but Newer did it and more. I was never able to test one but from all the reports from you guys I came to the comclusion that not only did Newer get rid of the double boot like Sonnet but they also kept the same stability as Vimages and with more video card compatibility. Infact I think the only real issue was with the Geo modem not working! It will be missed as much as Vimage is :( Sonnet remains the dominant and only L2 G3 vendor now. Sonnets 1.4.1 driver has fixed many issues but still a few remain.

Newer upgraded L2 G3 cards for Geo support?: Arturo sent me a letter stating Newer told him to return his card when he emailed them he was having issues with his Geo modem. They told him they made a change to the card and would send him a replacement. I hope this is true but they might not have anymore since they stopped production? Thanks Arturo.

3/3/2000 Newer Lives!: I got this info from MacsOnly. Sounds like Newer is going to stay around awhile. Great :)

And here's some news from Daniel he got from Newer about the status of their L2 G3 upgrades. Thanks Daniel!

Just to note that the reader who did order a Newer 260Mhz card from said it was for a 4400 only :( Bummer! At least it sounds like Newer will once again sell the 6400/6500 version once they get back up to full production.

3/11/2000 Newer MaxPower 2.0.2fc3 driver works?: I found this on MacFixIt's web site. This person had issues with the 2.0 version and says this preliminary version is working fine. But I had another person (Brent) tell me that the 2.0.2fc3 extension caused him trouble and the 1.0 version worked just fine? I'm not sure what Newer has fixed but I guess they are working n the Geo modem issue since they really didn't have any other problems :)

Here is Brents letter. Thanks Brent.

3/18/2000 Strange info from Newer on their 300Mhz L2 G3 upgrades?: I was sent this letter from a person that wrote Newer on the status of their 300Mhz L2 G3 upgrade. They got a very interesting reply! Thanks.

I don't understand why Newer says the 300Mhz CPU's are unavailable? I thought all the other G3 upgrade Vendors were still selling 300Mhz cards? Very strange!

Update on Newer Maxpower 2.0.2fc3 driver and Speed Doubler: Brent wrote me last week that he had trouble getting the new MaxPower beta driver to run if SD was installed. He also wrote MacFixIt who email Newer on this subject and got yet another strange reply! What's with Newer these days?

Brent was able to get SD working again on a tip from me by renaming the SD extension by adding some spaces in front of it to make it load before the MaxPower extension. I had this same problem with Vimages drivers and making SD load first worked then also. Saying that certain utilities aren't needed anymore is just a cop out in my mind! If it worked before then obviously they caused a problem with their update. They could at least say they are sorry it doesn't work or maybe even try and fix it but to just belittle the product is ubsurd! Thats just my 2 cents :)

4/8/2000 MaxPower 2.0.3 final release: Newer released the final version of there universal G3/G4 driver. It is supposed to fix issues with OS 9.0.x. I have a friend with OS 9 on a 6100 upgraded with the MaxPower PDS G3 and the beta driver boots under OS 9 but if you try to restart it will hang at the MaxPower driver. Only a shut down and cold boot works fine?

Update: Wow this was fast :) I just tried the new 2.0.3 driver on my friends 6100 and it still hangs if you try a restart? I did notice one new feature in that the icon is no longer displayed during boot. Newer copied Sonnet by adding a splash screen just under the MacOS splash during boot. Very cool even if it is a copy. They also removed the feature of displaying your CPU speed :( I wonder if OS 9.0.4 will help? This is my next test.

5/6/2000 Newer brings back their L2 G3!: Well this ought to be great news :) Newer has announced that they will be making the L2 G3 again. Alright! Newer's has been probably the leaset problematic and most compatible of all the L2 G3's since Vimage stopped selling them. But Newers is more compatible as it runs todays video cards where Vimage could not. Here is a link to a MacWeek article on this. The article says to expect them this month. See my side bar for more info on Newers L2 G3.

7/16/2000 Newer brings back L2 G3!: Yes you heard it. Newer is now selling the 400Mhz L2 G3 again for the 6400/6500 and others built on the same mother boards. The price is $399. This is very good news since when they stopped producing them, Sonnet became the only L2 G3 manufacturer around.

Looking over their L2 G3 info page seems to indicate that the same card also works in the 4400 and others built on the same mother board. So one card fits all with this baby! If I remember either Newer or Sonnet tried this before and it didn't last long so I wonder if the bugs are worked out? Also, there is a much larger heatsink on this then the previous model had (or at least then I thought it had?).

12/30/2000 NewerTech closing!: I read this on Accelerate Your Macs web site.

[Confirmation on Newer Tech Closing: - (Update - I spoke to Roger Kasten, CTO of Newer Tech on the phone and he is to send a "Farewell Letter" later today for posting. ) Several readers wrote to say yesterday had a report that Newer Tech was closing. An industry source just called to say he had confirmation on this, saying a friend had also got the "letter" with the bad news. There are rumors now that another upgrade company may buy out Newer's products, but that's not clear at this time. I'll post any updates on this as I hear it. (Owners of their products might want to download any drivers they don't have. I could not get their OS X beta driver link to work at 1AM last night however.)]

I can't believe it! Another Mac CPU vendor out of business? Newer made probably the most compatible L2 G3 upgrades for our Macs. They will be sadly missed :( Newer also had firsts in iMac and PowerBook CPU upgrades. I hope the other companies do some heavy brainstorming for new products as just making PCI and ZIF CPU upgrades is getting pretty old. If Motorola doesn't get faster CPU's out soon, I see other CPU upgrade vendors going under :(

6/23/2001 Newer Tech drivers available from OWC: Tom sent me a link to OWC's site where they have duplicated. Thanks Tom.

Did you know that a complete set of Newertech drivers are available for downloading at OWC?

PS--Still benefitting from having read your take-apart manual. Thanks]

5/23/2002 NewerTech is back! I read the other day that NewerTech is coming back and with new owners. I read that the old vice president is now the owner. The web site only has an email link at the moment but I hear they plan on making some exciting new products! Good to see you guys back in business :)

10/15/2002 Newers MaxPower drivers fail in OS9.2.2?: I have received two complaints so far that Newers MaxPower L2 G3 fails in OS 9.2.2. One person said they had driver version 2.0.3 so I sent them 2.0.4. I'll update this when I hear more.

11/20/2002 NewerTech L2 G3 may never be supported in OS 9.2.2!: Here is a reply Phil got from Newer about the issue of Newer's L2 G3 not working on a 6400/6500 in OS 9.2.2. Thanks Phil.

[Here's the answer I got from Newer... Not very promising...

----- Original Message -----
Sent: Monday, November 18, 2002 6:50 PM
Subject: Re: Newer Maxpower L2 G3 card on 6400 running OS 9.2.2

> I doubt that we will have any new drivers for 9.x, but I will keep you in
> mind for 10
> Rick
> Pres, Newer Systems Technology Inc.
> 7777 E. Osie Suite 304a
> Wichita, Ks. 67207
> 316 691 1585

So unless Newer releases the source code or some brilliant hackers finds another way, NewerTech L2 G3 users are stuck in OS 9.1 :(

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