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This page contains a growing list of issues related to Newers G3 cards.
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Sound issues with Newers G3 installed9/11/1999

I received this letter from Brent who is having some sound issues with his Newer L2 G3.I'm not sure if these are the same as the Sonnet Sound issues as I would hate to see another G3 with major issues!

9/17/1999 Sound issues with Newers G3 update: Speaking of issues, here is an update from Claudio who is having sound issues with Newers L2 G3. Looks like both Sonnet and Newer have sound issues :( I really think it has something to do with timing issues due to the faster CPU but Vimages G3 never had this problem? Maybe that double boot isn't so bad after all!

Later Claudio sent another reply stating he returned the Newer G3 and reinstalled his Vimage G3.

9/24/1999 Update on sound issue with Newers G3: Brent has further info on his sound issue. He found that the problem was with his program and not related to the G3.

and later he writes:

So maybe Newers G3 is ok after all as far as sound issues go. I won't say its free of sound issue yet though :) if your having trouble with your G3 try what Brent did and reseat the card.

3/24/2000 PCI timing extension may fix L2 G3 audio issues?: I found this on Accelerate Your Mac's web site.

Geo modem issues10/21/1999

Newer's L2 G3's and the Geo modem: I got this from Fumiaki who's Geo modem is not recognized after he installed Newers L2 G3. Here is a reply he got from Newer. Thanks Fumiaki.

I guess Newer is having the same issues as Sonnet did? Maybe the Geo modem really isn't G3 compatible? Why sell an upgrade that isn't compatible with the end system it was intended for? Some warning on their part would be nice! These companies could at least make it more clear that there may be a problem with your modem if you use these!

10/30/1999 Newers G3 and the Geo modem update: Tony sends word that he got his Geo modem to work with Newers G3 almost by luck! Read on to find out what he did. Thanks Tony.

Here is another letter from Jonathan who also has his Geo modem working. Sounds like it may be crap shoot just like it was with Sonnets G3. Some work and some don't? Thanks Jonathan.

3/3/2000 Ethernet 2.0.4 needed for Geo modem and Newers L2 G3: And here is some good news for Newer users with Geo modems. Fumiaki writes that using the Apple Ethernet extension 2.0.4 might fix the problems with running the Geo modem? This must be why Sonnet includes it with their drivers also? According to Fumiaki it seems that the Ethernet 2.0.4 extension came with OS 8.0/8.1 but became part of the System file in OS 8.5 and up. I guess the Geo modem is still looking for this extension for some reason and having it installed fixes the port issues with the Geo modem? Thanks Fumiaki

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