Letters from 6400 users that upgraded to Newer's G3

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8/20/1999 Newers L2 G3's may be incompatible with the Geo modem: This doesn't supprise me. I just got this letter from Nicholas who cannot get a reliable connection to the internet with the G3 enabled :( Here is his letter. Thanks.

I hope it was just a defective card. I guess we'll find out in a little while. Click here to read more on Newers L2 G3's.

More Newer G3 user letters: This comes from Claudio who just purchesed one and is having a little issue with Apples speech recognition software.

9/2/1999 More letters:

VM was at minimum - I'll try it set higher and see if that works. I've got the Xclaim VR - but it's in the slot further away from the L2 slot and I didn't look closely to see if there would have been a problem had it been in the closer slot.

I'll let you know how things progress. Regards, Larry]
[VM now works both set to minimum and to 2X physical RAM! RAMdoubler works on 2X, but not on file mapping only. The VM must be an intermittent problem; RAMdoubler seems to behave consistently. Larry]

Those temps are fine. Remember Vimages 240Mhz G3 ran about 80-90 degrees so 69 is fine. Well within the spec limit. I wonder though if they are using non copper G3's?

11/19/1999 Newer 300/1M L2 G3 user letter: Craig wrote to let us all know how well his Newer G3 is running. Thanks Craig.

12/10/1999 Newer G3 with OS 9 user having nothing but fun!: Bryan writes that his 6400 is running smooth with a Newer G3 and OS 9. Thanks Bryan. Its nice to hear good news sometimes too :)

2/10/2001 OS 9.1 and Newers L2 G3: I received this letter from Vic who says hie Newer G3 runs fine with OS 9.1. Thanks Vic.

[Thank you for your site!!! I read "Mark's" feedback on OS 9.1 and took the plunge last night from a stable 9.04 setup to 9.1. Mucho success!

I now have a Performa 6400/200 (Newer 300 G3 L2) running 9.1 very stable, very quick! Original monitor w/Rage Exclaim PCI video, Stylewriter 4100, SCSI Paperport strobe (5.3), external Lacie USB 10G HD, and Palm Hotsync through Keyspan USB converter. Over 200 extensions in Conflict Catcher.

So far, so good. Very happy. It can be done. Good luck to all.

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