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This page contains all the info I have gathered on OS 8.5 and how it will affect the 6400
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Just Updated 10/16/98

Mac OS 8.5 this weekend!: Well, if the release of the 6400 G3 wasn't enough upgrading for you, Apple will be releasing Mac OS 8.5 on the 17th. I don't know about you but it sounds like good times for Mac users again :) I wasn't able to find information on updating from a previous OS though. Usually Apple gives you a $30 discount if you own the just previously released OS from like going from OS 7.5.5 to 7.6 and then 7.6 to 8.0. It seems Apple might not be doing this promotion this time, BUMMER! It won't stop me from getting it though and when I'm done with the G3 review, I'll start on the OS 8.5 review.

Here are a few web links to Apples site with some good info on MacOS 8.5

Installation manual
QuickTime demos
To order MacOS 8.5 you can visit the Apple Store or call 1-800-795-1000 starting Oct. 17th.

OS 8.5: well as you might have guessed I bought OS 8.5. I found a CompUSA out here and it had a few boxes left. I also got Unreal from them. expect my OS 8.5 review after the G3 card review is done. Here are a few more links to 8.5 info & help

Just Updated 10/24/98

Reinstall Apple Telecom software after a clean install: I found this on Apples 6400 forums. This is clarification from Apple that if you do a clean install of any OS that you'll need to reinstall your Apple Telecom software. I guess I was right :)

If you do a dirty install then you can drag over the needed files like I did. It works because all the tweaks to the System file appearantly get moved to the new System file this way.

Ram Doubler and OS 8.5 issue: MacFixIt 10/23/98 reports that you might not be able to use RamDoubler once you update to OS 8.5. Let me know if any of you have this problem and find a work around, or if it works for you with no problem.

OS 8.5 and Epson printer compatibility?: According to this message I got from MacFixIt 10/21/98, You may have to wait for a new driver from Epson before your printer will work again. The problem seems to be with the new ColorSync version 2.5.1. I'll be testing this myself shortly when I get OS 8.5 installed on my Mac with the Stylus 600 attached.

Possible new update for Apple Telecom software for the Geo modem?: MacFixIt 10/21/98 posted this message which kind of hints that a new version is in the works.

I'm not sure if Apple was refering to posting the newer version that is on the OS 8.0/8.1 install CD or a newer version not yet released? The most recent version that only comes with the OS 8.0/8.1 is v3.1.3. Apple has updates thru 3.1.1 posted on there FTP sites.

Just Updated 10/29/98

One way to get RamDoubler to load with little real Ram installed and OS 8.5: I found this on MacFixIt 10/26/98

Mac OS 8.5 TechNote: Here is a link to Apples technote 1142 on 8.5. If you need to know why Apple made a certain change or are just curious you need to read this.

MacInTouch Mac OS 8.5 disk damage survey: MacInTouch made this survey to gather info from people wether your HD is getting damaged or not. They need all this info so they can isolate what may be causing HD damage on some peoples Macs.

Just Updated 11/5/98

Geo Modem Telecom software: MacFixIt has listed in his OS 8.5 info some issues on Geo compatibility. Read below.

Basically it states that OS 8.5 does not support the Geo only because it does not have Apple Telecom software bundled with it. Apple just posted Apple Telecom 3.1.3 which is needed for OS 8.5 on their web site. Version 3.1.1 and lower will not function properly. Version 3.1.3 is the same version of telecom that came bundled with OS 8.0 and 8.1. I don't know why Apple didn't bundle it with OS 8.5?

Just Updated 12/6/98

Open Transport SNMP extensions prevent AppleTalk port selection in Mac OS 8.5?: I found this on MacFixIt about how 2 extra OpenTransport extensions cause your Printer port to remain busy so that you can't print from it. It further explains that you must intentionally install these extra extensions as they are not part of the normal OS 8.5 install. Click here for more details.

Mac OS 8.5.1 update out soon: I read this on MacFixIt 12/4/98. Good news for anyone having the trouble its supposed to fix.

Mac OS 8.5.1 coming this month: fixes previously documented bugs. A MacWEEK article states that "Apple is reportedly putting the final touches on Mac OS 8.5.1." It is expected to ship this month. It fixes at least 5 bugs noted in in the article:

Just Updated 11/29/98

Apple Themes: Well I don't know about you but I sure wish Apple was able to get the Themes ready for OS 8.5. I guess they'll be in OS 8.6? For now I have found a web site that has both the Gizmo and High Tech themes posted plus another Theme called Drawing Board from Japan. Since Apple removed its 2 themes from OS 8.5 due to compatibility issues I recommend using them with caution. I have no idea what will happen with drawing Board but I just started using it and its neat. It looks like a draftmans' drawing paper with little alignment marks coming off the ends of windows and icons. Another thing about Drawing Board is that it will produce scroll buttons for up/down and left/right at both ends of the window unlike OS 8.5's Smart Scroll that only does this at one end. If you click on Smart Scroll by mistake it will disable this feature and you have to reselect the Drawing Board Theme again to get it back.

Update 7/10/1999: it seems the above address has changed to this one but I can't find the old Apple themes on it. They do have a new one called Paper.

Update 5/5/2000: here we go again. Here is the latest URl to this site I hope this is the last change :)

Just Updated 12/15/98

OS 8.5 on the 6400: I know a lot of you are waiting for my review and it will be ready soon. I just don't have the time I used to for working on my site. Here are a few initial findings

Its slow! Yes you heard me. With my G3 disabled the Finder runs very slow. I am constantly waiting for it to update windows after a move or to react to mouse clicks. This completely contradicts what I have been reading on the web but it is happening. With the G3 running all seems well. Infact its very stable My 6400 hasn't crashed since its been installed and either has my PowerBook. I did find one compatability issue and that was with MS Word 6.0.1a. Word runs fine on my 6400/180 and PB with OS 8.5 but keeps getting a type 1 error at launch on the 6400/220. I did a clean install and a dirty install of OS 8.5 with the same results. I even reinstalled MS Office with no luck. Excell and PowerPoint run fine. I just got Office 98 and it works fine though for those wondering.

Just Updated 1/4/1999

OS 8.5.1 freezing due to InputSprockets?: Here's a letter from Rob who's 6400 kept freezing for unknown reasons until he removed the InputSpocket set of extensions. My reply follows. Thanks Rob.

Just Updated 5/14/1999

FM radio on the 6400's TV/Video card: In my last message I asked if anyone got FM radio from their TV system and it seems that they do. The system comes with Apples FM radio player which is used to listen to of course, The radio. Also, to get it working under OS 8.5.1 that you need to start The Apple video player before the FM player will play audio. Once its working you can quit the Video Player. Thanks to all who emailed me on this. Let me know if OS 8.6 fixes this. Here is Brians instructions on how to get the Radio to work. Thanks.

John sends word of another FM radio player made by LaCie. Thanks. You'll have to search for this one on the web as its old and not many shops will have it.

Speeding Bootup with OS 8.5.x1/31/1999

Boot Speedup Tip running OS 8.5.x: I got this from Accelerate Your Mac 1/28/1999. I tried it and I don't know about the 4sec increase but it does seem to fly by the File Exchange extensions now.

2/8/1999 6400 takes a long time to start with OS 8.5.x: It seems that Apple may have put the old 30sec delay backinto the 6400 that we used to have with OS 7.6.1 with this new OS but also gave us a way to prevent it. read this clipping I got from the Performa Forums on Apples web site.

From my own experience and others it seems that the default on the 6400 is OFF but it can't hurt to check.

OS 8.5.1 and VM are slow!12/18/98

Ryan has helped me brainstorm my slow window and desktop icon redraws. It seems that VM has caused this problem. I just turned it off and now windows move and redraw fine like before. Apple must have changed the code causing my problem. I will be posting this at there web site. Thanks Ryan!

12/24/98 - 6400, OS 8.5.1 and VM update: Well I haven't heard from any 6400 owners on this topic but I have been reading on Apples OS forums that many people are having issues with OS 8.5.1 Finder crashes and other apps quitting with type 1 and 2 errors and one of the most common remedies has been to turn VM OFF. If you are having any of these kinds of problems and you found VM to be the culprit, please email me. My 6400 is humming along now with VM turned OFF. All my Finder actions are very quick now.

1/4/1999 - Slow Finder with OS 8.5.1 and VM ON: I recieved this letter from Trevor who owns a 5400 exhibiting the same problem. I think we have a real problem emerging and Apple needs to be made aware of it! Thanks Trevor

I too need VM enabled to make more room for apps to run. I have 136M and set VM to 137M for just that benefit. I really feel the RAM squeeze now! My OS 8.5.1 system will bloat up to 45M when I'm running Photoshop and Corel and copy/paste between the 2. This is just rediculous. Apple must be counting on everyone running VM to keep RAM requirements down. I was usually around 13M to 20M with VM enabled.

1/14/1999 Another fix for the mysterious OS 8.5.1 Finder slow down: Hal has sent me a post he made to another site with a response on the Finder slowing down with VM turned ON. It seems that having a Desktop Picture may cause the problem. I use a Desktop Picture on both my monitors so I'll have to try removing them and see what happens. Thanks Hal.

And yet another fix for the Finder slow down: Jordan sends word that using Ram Doubler may be a temporary solution to speed things up. I will be trying this as time permits. Thanks Jordan.

2/11/1999 RamDoubler 8.0.1 does work without slowing you down: I installed RamDoubler 8.0.1 the other day to check this out for myself and it works! I now have 204M of ram and no slow window redraws! So for now I will be using RD until Apple can fix this problem.

OS 8.5.1's Platinum sounds cause problems4/22/1999

Jeff wrote to let me know that he was having random crashes on his 6400 when accessing the menu bar or running certain apps. On my recommendation he tried turning off the Platinum sounds in the Appearance Manager control panel and the crashes have gone. Thanks for the info Jeff.

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