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This page contains all the info I have gathered on PowerLogix's G3 upgrade for the 6400
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11/19/1999 FLASH: Power Logix has reportedly stopped all production on the L2 G3 upgrades for our Macs? No news as to why? BUMMER :(

7/23/1999 PowerLogix enters L2/G3 arena!: well its about time! PowerLogix has announced that it has released its line of L2/G3 upgrades for the 6400/6500 and 4400 type Macs. From the letter it seems they are shipping the 4400 now and the 6400/6500 next month. I also noticed a 7220 version? None of the other L2/G3 vendors made one for any 72xx series as this Mac was supposed to not be able to work with it? I see they only mentioned the 7220 so I guess this was the one model close enough to work? Also note they have a 400Mhz version too but no listing as to if its 400Mhz on the 6500 only? I will write for more info and see if I can get a card to review :) Stay Tuned!

7/30/1999 PowerLogix's L2 G3 and the 7200: David writes that the 7220 model they mentioned in the press release is not to be confused with the 7200. Thanks David.

[The 7220 was sold in Australia, not Europe. It's still identical to the
4400, though...for all the info, check here:]

More PowerLogix info on their L2 G3's: Larry found this site which doesn't have much info but sure makes it look like they are going to produce them. Thanks Larry.

9/11/1999 Reply from PowerLogix on their L2 G3 cards for the 6400: I know a lot of you are waiting to hear about PowerLogix's G3 upgrades for our computers and so was I. I sent tem an email and got a reply today. Some very good news for 6400 owners too!

Just incase you read over it they said the 400Mhz version will run 400Mhz in the 6400 due to the new 10x G3 CPU's! This is great and what is even better is that its only $599 right now! This makes it not only the fastest but then lowest priced fastest G3 upgrade for the 6400. I hope they can send me one soon so I can review it :) Also note they said the G4 would probably not be a wise upgrade path for the 6400/6500. Read on to find out why?

B&W G3 owners in uproar over blockage of G4 upgrade path!: Many of you have probably read by now that many B&W G3 owners are very angry over the fact that it seems Apple may have disabled their ability to upgrade to a G4 CPU. Whether this is true or not you may want to read this article posted on The RMRP that basically says the G4 is just to fast for the current line of Macs. Only the 400Mhz G4 comes slow enough to not make the mother board of the B&W G3 a bottle neck. Also if you read reports that others have posted on the web about Apples lowend 400Mhz G4 you'll notice they all refer to it as a "tweaked" B&W G3 mother board to run the G4 CPU. I don't know how much tweaking they did but maybe they are using the same mother board design but with some upgraded chip sets on it for the G4? This would make sense as Apple as stated the G3 was not marketed as upgradable and maybe it wouldn't even be worth it unless you were happy with just a 400Mhz G4? These are just my opinions and I too wish they would just let the CPU upgrade vendors worry about G4 uprade failures and returns rather then getting all this negative press. Who knows, maybe it might still be worth it even if you couldn't run the altivec optimised code due to bus saturation?

9/17/1999 Clarification on Power Logix's fastest L2 G3 offering: I received word from Power Logix on the speed settings of their 400Mhz L2 G3. It seems in a 6400 it WILL have a 10x bus ratio to get us 400Mhz and in the 6500 is will run an 8x ratio to get 400Mhz. This is a good choice for 6400 users right now as I don't think IBM or Motorola will make anything higher then a 10x ratio so 400Mhz is it for us. I can't wait to test it!

11/12/1999 Power Logix stops production on L2 G3 cards?: I heard from several users that PL will not be making their L2 G3 cards now so I emailed them and here is the reply I got.

I asked if he ever got an answer to let me know. I guess we're back to Sonnet and Newer only again :( OUt of these my choice is Newer as it is much more stable and hasn't had as many complaints but it does have a more serious Geo modem issue as many people get a port busy or some other port error.

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