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This page contains a growing list of issues related to Sonnets G3 cards.
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Sound Apps crash with Sonnets G3 installed7/8/1999

1/28/2000 Flash: Sonnet says OS 8.5 fixes the issue! I do have several Sonnet users confirming that updating to OS 8.5 or newer fixes the sound issues. It is a costly fix but the price for OS 8.5 has come down since it was first released so it might be worth trying now.

11/2/2001 - I moved this info to its own page which covers more indepth info on audio and video stuttering related to the 6400/6500

Sonnet compatibility issues with USB drivers?7/17/1999

When I first installed OS 8.6 I also had just recently attached my expansion chassi with the USB card inside. Well needless to say I had many boot crashes and removed Sonnets card and placed Vimages back in and have been happy ever since. Joe writes that he had the same issue and found the problem to be with Apples older USB drivers. I did have an older version in at that time then I do now and maybe that was one of my problems? Thanks Joe. Apples latest version is 1.3f4

8/20/1999 I just moved my USB card to the Sonnet upgraded 6400 along with my Voodoo2 card to see if I would still get the mouse freezes. It appears to be OK on this system so at least version 1.3b4 is compatible with Sonnets G3. I am not using the mouse drivers right now so the extra button features don't work. I am testing one step at a time to see what might have been causing the freezes.

12/16/1999 This is not limited to Sonnets G3 as I have a Vimage user also having the same trouble and upgrading the USB drivers to at least 1.2 fixed it for him also.

Geo modem issue with Sonnets L2 G3's9/24/1999

Lars writes that he has a modem port cannot be initialized error when using FreePPP and Sonnets L2 G3. Although he writes the problem is not present when running a newer OS without FreePPP. Thanks for the info Lars.

Christian also has some Geo modem issues with Sonnets L2 G3 and found an interesting TIL from Apple on the subject. Thanks Christian.

It looks like FreePPP may not compatible with Sonnets G3, at least with older OS's? I wonder if anyone has it working and could help in this matter? Also does anyone know if Apples OT/PPP works with the Sonnet G3? Please email me any info you might have.

10/14/1999 Update on Geo modem issues and L2 G3's: Marty writes with some tips on getting things working again. He does not have a L2 G3 but these tips might help. Thanks Marty. Note I have menitioned in the past to remove LibMoto as it is known to cause problems with the Geo modem.

10/14/1999 Using FreePPP with Sonnets G3 and the Geo modem: In my last update I mentioned that some people are having modem port errors trying to connect online with their Geo modem via FreePPP and have a Sonnet G3 installed. One person mentioned that his trouble went away when he used somthing other then FreePPP and here is a report from Tiong that says Apples remote access in OS 8.6 works for him (he does not have the Geo modem though). Thanks Tiong.

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