Letters from 6400 users that upgraded to Vimage's G3

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Just Updated 10/20/98

Letters from readers on Vimages G3: here are some letters I received from my readers about the new G3 card for the 6400

Just Updated 10/24/98

Vimage info from my readers: here are some more letters I got from others who have tried Vimages G3 on their 6400's. One has had bad results with the chip and its believed that he got a bad card. Hopefully a replacement fixes the problem. Also 6500 computers may work with the G3? Thanks for the info guys!

[Hello Tom,

It looks like somebody in Japan already beat me to the punch on putting the Vpower card in the TAM. Check out the following page (although most of it is in Kanji):
(it does have pictures though). I'll be on the phone with Vimage today to try to see if I got a bad card or not.

Later, Harry]

Just Updated 10/29/98

More reader input on the Vpower G3: This letter comes from Jordan. He has done some extensive testing with it. Thanks Jordan!

Just Updated 11/16/98

Car now has a working Vpower G3: He had wrote to me before stating that his 6400 didn't work when the G3 was installed. It turns out that he had a bad card. Vimage replaced the card with no problem and now he is fine!

Just Updated 11/21/98

More reader letters on the Vimage G3: Her is a letter from Don who just loves his upgrade on a 6400/200.

G3 and ATI's Rage Pro cards are fine too: I received this letter from Pete who has ATI's VR Rage PRO and his system doesn't even have the video artifact that my Rage II card has during startup. Thanks for the info Pete.

TwinTurbo card is compatible with the G3 upgrade: some good news is that it seems the Vpower G3 is compatible with the IMS TwinTurbo video card. I received this letter from one of my readers. Thanks

Just Updated 11/25/98

More letters from 6400/G3 users: This comes from Mkid who sent along some MacBench 5.0 scores. I will be transitioning to MacBench 5.0 too as this is what the industry standard is now. I used version 4.0 for my review so you could compare the changes from non G3 to G3 speed. Now that the review is posted I can move on to MacBench 5.0. Thanks for the letter Mkid.

Just Updated 11/29/98

6400/G3 Compatibility chart updated: I received info from Pete and Ola on more compatible equipment. Thanks.

And speaking of compatibility, Pete sent me a whole list of products that work with his 6400/G3. You might even notice that a lot of this equipment is PC oriented and is working just fine on the Mac. Thanks Pete.

Just Updated 12/6/98

More reader comments on Vimage's G3: here is a letter from Bob who has the G3 installed and loves it. He does mention that his system volume seems lower and I gave him a few tips to try. This is the first I have heard of this problem and hopefully its not caused by the G3 card. Thanks Bob.

Just Updated12/9/98

MacPicasso 540 with 3D Overdrive not compatible with G3 card: Kristof wrote to tell me that these 2 are not a compatible combination. He notes that the screen freezes but the HD keeps on booting. I updated my Compatibility list with this info. Thanks Kristof.

Just Updated1/21/1999

Game Wizard Voodoo II card is compatible with G3: Steve wrote to say that his New Game Wizard card works with Vimages G3. Thanks for the info Steve.

Village Tronics Voodoo Banshee card works with the Vimage G3!: I just got this from Ola who has this combination running fine. Thanks for the info Ola.

Just Updated 4/12/1999

Another Vimage compatibility issue: Jordan send s word that the new ATI Xclaim 3D (Rage Pro plus not 128) is not compatible with the Vimage 240 G3. He as well as I hope this does not mean it won't work with the newest Rage128 cards? Thanks Jordan. I have added this to my Vimage Compatibility page.

Vimage 320/325 is out: Speaking on this topic, Vimage is shipping but they were filling a lot of backorders so not many made it to the channels. I have recieved word from Bert who just got his from OtherWorld. Thanks Bert

And another reader sent me info they got it too. Thanks

Just Updated 5/14/1999

Sound garbled after installing Vimages G3: Steve writes that he is getting some pretty nasty sounds out of his 6400 since he installed Vimages 240G3. I haven't had this problem but I did notice that Marathon Infinity's opening music gets cut off and garbled. I think its a timing issue and maybe trying the Booster beta drivers with the control panel set to NONE will help? Of course this will slow the computer down but should still be OK as long as its only Legacy games that don't really need a G3 boost :) Let me know if any of you are having this issue. Thanks.

6/16/1999 Update: before I mentioned I had a problem with the Game Marathon. It turns ot that it only happened with Sonnets G3. Once I reinstalled Vimages G3 with the OS 8.6 updated driver, the begining intro music was fine. This may be related to something else?

8/14/1999 Another satisfied Vimage L2 G3 user: Mike wrote to tell me how much he enjoys his new found speed :) Thanks Mike.

He mentions renaming the Vpower extension with a space because SpeedDoubler will boot before the Vpower extension if you do not do this and sometimes it may conflict. I had this issue once or twice but reinstalling SpeedDoubler fixed it. Its just a luck of the draw if you'll have this problem or not?

8/27/1999 TurboMax IDE card with Vimages G3: Ryan writes that Vimages G3 may cause problems with ProMax's TurboMax IDE/PCI card. Thanks Ryan. If anyone else is having this problem then please email me. Click here to read more on the TurboMax card.

I am puzzled why the tech people where surprised that he was using it as a startup drive? I thought I read that many people used it successfully with a startup drive? I wonder if its more of an issue with the 6400/6500 and the G3 just makes it worse? If anyone else has had this issue then please email me.

1/29/2000 Vimage Final driver version info: Bob wrote to let me know that he was having some trouble with his Vimage G3 and the final release verion on Interwares site fixed it. Thanks Bob. I also have a link to this driver on my Vimage Info page.

UPDATE: I have been getting reports that the Interware link is not working. I can't get any of my links to Interware to work right now? So here is a link to the drivers on my site :)

9/22/2000 Orion Rage 128 with Vimages G3 user info: I thought I would post a little info from Kin who wrote to let me know all is well with his Orion video card and a Vimage G3.

[I just wanted to let you know that I recently bought an ATI Rage Orion 128 16Mb video card for my 6400 and installed it in my 6400 running OS 9.0.4. I also have a Vimage 240 L2 card as well. When I had the old 4Mb ATI XClaim VR card, I would get the white box in the top, left corner when the Vimage extension came up during startup. But after installing the Rage Orion card, the white box disappeared! And, I didn't need the ATI patch to run the card. I actually, at first, didn't even install the ATI software and OS 9.0.4 ran the Rage Orion perfectly. But I did go back and installed the ATI software that came with the card for the Rage Orion and it still has performed flawlessly.]

The patch he mentions to get the drivers to work were needed for the original 4.0 ATI Universal drivers. I suspect that ATI got the patch incorporated into the current drivers. Thanks Kin

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