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This page contains a growing list of compatible or non compatible hardware and software.
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The manual lists several issues including some PCI graphics cards. Here is what's listed:

  1. Geoport modem: you must have Mac OS 8.1 and Apple Telecom software 3.x installed to use this modem
  2. Virtual Memory with OS 7.x.x: You must disable VM or the Vpower G3 will not take over and your original CPU will come on
  3. Avid Cinema doesn't record: In some cases, it's possible that an error message will appear and recording will be impossible. If, before you record, you play the sample movie that came with Avid Cinema, this problem will go away.
  4. Avid Cinema doesn't play back properly: Selec "More Compatible" mode in the Vpower control panel.
  5. My PCI card won't work: Xclaim GA, and Twin turbo are incompatible. for more information please visit or call tech support at (877) 559-0074
  6. My screen doesn't look right when I use an Xclaim series card: There may be cases in which an Xclaim card produces strange screen effects when it is activated. This problem only occurs at the time of activation, however, and will not affect normal usage.

These are some pretty hefty compatibility issues. I would say that most people still have their internal Geo modems and many still use OS 7.x.x. The manual does state that OS 8.1 is recommended for optimum performance. I hope OS 8.5 has no problems? I have the Xclaim VR card so maybe I'll see what they mean by "strange screen effects". I think these issues will deter some people from buying it or maybe it will just push them in to upgrading their OS? I'll have more when I'm done with the review.

Compatibility chart: I thought I'd start a chart with all the info I've collected for easy referrance. If I have both YES and NO checked then it means that it will work but under certian conditions. Please email me any issues or success stories you have had. All issues are reports from readers unless noted otherwise.

Updated 7/30/1999
Geo modem x x works with OS 8.1 and up using Apple telecom 3.1.x (Vimage)
Avid Cinema x   if error occurs, play sample movie before recording. might need to select More Compatible in the Vpower control panel (Vimage)
virtual memory x x must be disabled in OS 7.x.x. works with OS 8.x (Vimage)
ATI Xclaim GA   x (Vimage)
TwinTurbo 128M2 & M4   x (Vimage)
ATI Xclaim VR Rage II x   has white square showing only during boot time (me & Vimage)
ATI Xclaim VR Rage PRO x    
ATI Xclaim VR Rage 128 x does not work at all right now! same symptom as 3D plus (everyone!)
ATI Xclaim 3D plus   x (Rage Pro+ not 128) screen freezes during boot but 6400 keeps on booting
ATI Nexus Rage128 x   with patch from ATI
ATI Orion Rage128 x   with patch from ATI
Power3D (voodoo1)
3dfx video card
3DFX Voodoo2 card x   using the 3DFX reference drivers (me)
3DFX Voodoo3 card x x some say yes and some say no? I'm still not 100% sure yet
Apple TV tuner card x    
USB PCI card x   ADS and Keyspan
ix3d Mac Rocket x    
ix3d Ultimate Rez   x  
TwinTurbo 128M8 x   One person wrote to say it works. still questionable
Farallon FastEtherTX 10/100 Comm Slot II x    
Creative SCSI CD-R Blaster model 4210 x   using Toast v3.5.5 for sure. (my TEAC CD-R works fine too - Tom)
Apple video in card x    
MacPicasso 540 with 3D Overdrive   x screen freezes during boot but 6400 keeps on booting
Game Wizard Voodoo II x   several users confirmed
OrangePC 620 PC compatibility PCI card X    
Village Tronics Voodoo II Banshee card x    
MacPicasso 850 (Voodoo II Banshee) X   Vimages latest driver update needed
MacPicasso 750 x  x May need Vimages latest drivers? I keep getting conflicting reports
ix3D Game Rocket x    
Micro Conversions Video Wizard   x  
TurboMax IDE/PCI card x x may cause system to not boot if drive connected to card is selected as startup drive?
MacTell Vision 3D Pro Lite 8M VRAM x    

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