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6400 ATI Rage128 info page

This page contains info on using an ATI Rage128 series card with the 6400. Please feel free to send me your experiences. I'm affraid I won't be able to post my own experiences as the Rage128 VR card I bouth would not work with my Vimage at all! Well, I guess that was my experience :(

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ATI Rage 128 compatibility? ATI has a patch for the Rage 128 cards and the 6400/6500!: I just saw that ATI has posted a patch that allows their new Rage 128 cards to work again on our 6400's :) I also read on Accelerate Your Mac 8/28/99 that two 6400 users with Vimage G3's also have it working so it looks like a winner! The patch only works with the 4.0 or 4.0.1 drivers but there is no reason for it with older drivers as you need the 4.0.x drivers for the Rage128 cards. This is definitly good news!!!

2/12/2000 Flash: ATI says they don't recommend their Rage128 products for use with L2 G3 upgraded Macs. Click here to read more!

9/2/1999 Rage128 not worth it on a nonG3 accelerated 6400: Sheldon writes that he is pretty dissapointed with his new Rage Orion. I didn't think it would be worth it without a G3 upgrade :( Thanks for the info Sheldon. I'm actually suprised he gets good playability even with a Voodoo card without a G3 playing those games?

Reader letter stating the ATI patch still didn't fix his problem: I found this on Accelerate Your Mac's web site. It seems not everyone with a G3 is getting ATI's new rage 128 cards to work.

I have read letters from other Vimage G3 users that they were able to get the ATI Rage128 card to run fine. Maybe Scott has another problem? Infact here is one I just found.

I just downloaded the ATI patch for the Rage Orion. Not only does it work with the 6400 now, it works with the Vimage G3/240. Whoooopeeeee!

11/4/1999 Update on ATI's Orion Rage 128 cards and the 6500: Jeff writes that he is getting crashes even with his G3 upgarde disabled which means that ATI may still have an issue with their current drivers? Thanks for the info Jeff. My VR card has shipped and is waiting at the post office for me to go pick up! I wasn't home for them to deliver it today :( It has a newer set of drivers which may work better? I'll let you all know soon.

11/12/1999 Update ATI VR 128 and the Vimage G3: Well I tried my VR card last week as I mentioned before and well it just doesn't work. Below is a letter I wrote to ATI asking if they can find a fix. I know its not their problem but they might just help?

Update ATI VR 128 and the Sonnet G3: Well this combo seems to work much better. At least it boots :) Looks like the VR card has some issue ATI has to deal with. They even had almost another year to iron out the bugs! Thanks for the info Henry.

Update from Henry on getting 640x480 video capture to work.

11/19/1999 Reply to letter I wrote to ATI about their VR card: I wrote a letter to ATI about the issues I found concerning Vimages G3 and here is their reply. Hopefully they will look into the problem?

12/10/1999 ATI 128 Orion not working on a 6500 with or without a G3!: Tiong sent me a lot of info this week and here is some more. His Rage 128 Orion is not working on his 6500 with his Sonnet G3 or with it removed! I guess ATI's new Rage128 cards are just as finiky as the Voodoo3.

12/17/1999 VR 128 feedback page from Accelerate Your Mac: Here is a page Mike posted on his site with all the VR 128 user feedbacks he's been getting. Interesting reading!

Another reply from ATI on the VR 128 and Vimage G3 issue: Jesse received a reply the other day from ATI and at least they are somewhat willing to look further into the issue now. Thanks Jesse.

Here is a letter from Allen who made sure that ATI knows what the problem is. Thanks Allen!

My suggestion to all of you is email ATI and let them know you would like it fixed. Maybe with enough feedback they will try and fix it?

2/12/2000ATI says don't use their Rage128 with a L2 G3!: Michael recieved a reply from ATI that is not very good. according to this letter, ATI is telling us to not bother to try their Rage128 cards as they have a 60% failure rate with any L2 G3 upgrade! This would coincide with the different reports I have been getting over the past year about their video cards. I guess they could not find a fix and decided to just tell us not to use them :( Its too bad as a L2 G3 upgrade and a Rage128 card make for the perfect upgrade to our 6400/6500's.

Here is another letter from Russell who was told by Sonnet that the Rage128 cards don't work with L2 G3's :( Thanks Russell.

Here is a letter from the 40% that do get the Rage128 card to work :) Simon sends word that his Vimage 240 L2 G3 works fine with the RageOrion. Thanks Simon. Although from the letters above from ATI and Sonnet I don't think much of us will have the same luck as Simon :(

4/29/2000 QT 4.1.2 fixes some ATI Rage128 VR issues: Jon writes that he had issues with OpenGL and ATI's Rage128 VR card. Later he wrote that QT 4.1.2 fixed some of it. Thanks Jon. Remember that ATI has said they have a very high failure rate with 6400/6500 type computers specially with G3 upgrades. If you have a similar combo to Jon's and QT 4.1.2 helped you out then please email me. Thanks.

6/4/2000 Interesting fix to get Sonnets G3 card and ATI's Rage128 running smooth together?: Marcus wrote me with this very interesting fix. Before this he had to ZAP the PRAM to get them to work on every boot! Thanks Marcus.

6/17/2000 ATI Orion and Sonnet G3 issue update: Recently I posted that Marcus had issues with his Orion card and Sonnet G3 and pinned it on his SCSI HD in the upper bay. It turns out that the HD was formatted using FWB software and he later reformatted it with Apples Drive Setup and all is well. Thanks Marcus. So if you are having trouble with your system, you might try changing back to Apples HD drivers? I'm not saying FWB's are bad but just not tested by some other third party vendors like Sonnet :)

7/16/2000 Audio capture with the VR128 and a 6500: I found on Mikes Accelerate Your Mac site info from a 6500 user that got audio to work by quitting the Xclaim Video Player, trashing the XclaimVR preferences and relaunching the Xclaim Video Player. I also noted that he had a Sonnet 350Mhz L2 G3 installed which is amazing since not everyone has good luck even running a Rage128 card without a G3 in their 6400/6500.

8/12/2000 More ATI Rage128 user letters: Here are a couple more G3 upgraded 6400's user experiences with ATI latest video cards and all is well. Thanks guys.

Looks like the latest offerings from Sonnet are more compatible with ATI's Rage128 line now. Great

10/15/2002 Rage128 VR card success story: Well there aren't many 6400 users that can say they have the ATI Rage128 VR card running fine in their system but it looks like Ben can. He says the card works great for him. Thanks for the info Ben. Now this is not typical as even ATI said they had a 60% failure rate with Rage 128 cards in the 6400/6500 so don't take this to mean the issues are fixed. But it is good to hear they can work together :)

[ I use an ATI Xclaim VR 128 graphics accelerator paired with a Sonnet G3 L2 300 Mhz/512k Cache in my 6400. I also have 64 MB of RAM. The machine runs Unreal Tournament and Quake III: Arena incredibly well. It also runs Diablo II at about 90% speed. It is a bit choppy, but playable. You do have to mute it though, since choppy music can get very obnoxious. I have also found that most 3D games except for the very newest ones (released within the last 6-8 months) run very well on my machine as long as they don't require OS X. (Which I don't have.)
I bought the Xclaim VR 128 due to the bad reports that I had gotten on the Rage Orion, and this appears to be a much better card than that one.


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