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6400 Voodoo 4/5 info page

This page contains info on using a 3dfx Voodoo 4/5 with the 6400. Please feel free to send me your experiences.

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Apples Gaming page - Apple's Gaming page with lots of links to great demos to try!
Quake III Arena strategy guide - this might help you learn the tricks that are getting you killed :)
Patch TombRaiderII for a Voodoo2/3 card - Here is a patch to get TR2 running on a Voodoo2/3 card
Patch StarWars Pod racer for a Voodoo3 card - Here is a patch for both the demo and retail version of Pod Racer to get it working with a Voodoo3 card. Not sure if it will work for a Voodoo2?

Voodoo5 reviews on a Mac: I have collected the addresses of several web sites with good reviews on the Voodoo5 in different Mac configurations. Of course none are a 6400 but they give you a good look at how the card performs.

The overwhelming conclusion is that the V5 performs about as well as the Rage128 Pro or the V3 but looks much better do to the FSAA (full screen anti aliasing) I was hoping this wasn't going to happen but we should have expected this when the V3 wasn't even keeping up with the PC versions :( The major plus is that you get much better visually quality at 640x480 which is the most playable resolution and the card supports all 3D technologies on the Mac (Rave, Glide, and OpenGL). No other card offers that yet.

Below is a link to 3dfx's Bryan Speece's comments on why the card is not performing as well as it does on the PC.

There may be hope yet, as I have heard that ATI's Radeon has a feature called Hyper-Z which strips out non-displayed data (data for pixels behind walls and such). Less data is transmitted over the PCI bus. This means that possibly more frames per second can be displayed? If this is true then ATI will have a killer card for the Mac. Neither the V5 or Radeon is shipping yet though so it is too soon to tell which may be better. The V5 might not be the speed king we were hoping for but it will support all 3D standards and has, hands down, the best visual look with FSAA turned on as per all reviews I've read.

In price per performance terms, the Voodoo4 may be a better choice for 6400/6500 owners. It has 2xFSAA (but not 4X like the V5) and will be shorter and cheaper which should make it the better choice. Yes, it won't have the other visual affects the V5 has but the V5 costs so much and we'll never get the full speed from it!

Pics of a Voodoo5 AGP to demonstrate how the PCI version might fit in the 6400/6500: Since the PCI version is not attainable yet, except for reviews, Tiong was kind enough to send me some pics of an AGP card in different positions to demonstrate how the actual PCI card might fit. Thanks Tiong

Voodoo5 AGP next to a Voodoo3 PCI card

Voodoo5 AGP located in PCI slot position. It's longer then our mother board!

The end of the Voodoo5 hits the cables in the back. They need to be moved aside.

Instructions on how to make room for the Voodoo5: Tiong and another reader sent me instructions on how to move the cables in side to make room for such a long card like the V5. Thanks guys. Both are good at getting the cables out of the way but I noticed they don't agree on the PCI slot to install the V5 in? Now not actually having this card myself, I don't know which person is right or if both are? I guess we'll just have to wait till someone tries :)

For a pictorial on how to open up the case, please visit my 6400 TakeApart manual site.

8/11/2000 First user experiences of the V5 in a 6500: Tiong is the first person to send me info on using a V5 in a 6500 that has been upgarded with a 500Mhz G3. Thanks Tiong.

8/12/2000 First impressions of the Voodoo5 in a 6500: Tiong sent some more findings on his V5. Thanks Tiong. Expect more to follow :)

10/6/2000 Update on Voodoo5 and older Macs: I read awhile ago that 3dfx released some new drivers (1.0.8?) that allow the 2nd CPU to work now on the card! This is great because previously people reported that the 2nd CPU was not doing anything. I don't think it will make the card go any faster, but the FSAA features shouldn't take as much a frame rate hit anymore? The only 6400/6500 owner that had one of these sold it before the update came out so I don't have any reports of how this change performs on our systems? Still I think the V4 will be a better buy and with the Radeon almost out, I would wait!

On a side note I hear that using these drivers with a Voodoo3 will make QT and other features work a little better but 2D gets a big slowdown! Hopefully a fix for that will be out soon.

10/20/2000 Voodoo5 drivers updated with better V3 support: I found this on Accelerate Your Macs web site. 3dfx has updated their V5 drivers to 1.1.0a and they do give better support for the V3. The V3 in my B&W G3 no longer crashes with the V5 drivers and GoMac installed. Great!

[Voodoo5 Drivers v1.10 Feedback: - Several readers sent comments on the Voodoo5 1.10 driver update noted in Friday's news. The 1.10 update is primarily a bug fix release, not a performance optimization. 3dfx wrote that the 1.1.0 update fixes include:

Voodoo3 2D fix
Lock up issues in some games while playing videos
32bit Bugdom/RAVE fix]

Here is a direct download link for those of you that don't have a previous version of the V5 drivers. The normal way to upgrade is through the new V5 control panel. Remember that you will need the V3 beta12 drivers to first flash the V3 ROM to run on a Mac before the V5 drivers will work.

NOTE: These drivers also fixed the second CPU so it works on older Macs like the 6400/6500 and you can use 4xFSAA now!

2/9/2002 Voodoo5 user info from Daniel: Daniel posted some great info on his experience with the Voodoo5 card in a 6360! Thanks Daniel.

  • [I finally finished my review. I put it into html and posted it on my geocities site. You can either link to it from your site, or copy the related files to your server and post them from there (preferred to avoid yahoo ads).

    Thanks you for all the work you put into making and maintaining your site. It has been a lifesaver x10! Keep up the good work,

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