CD/DVD Drives for the 6400

This page contains a growing list of compatible or non compatible CD/DVD Drives plus reader comments of their experiences.
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Compatibility chart: I thought I'd start a chart with all the info I've collected for easy referrance. "int" means the CD was placed in the stock CD bay and not the upper bay. All CD Roms should fit in the upper bay. Please email me any issues or success stories you have had. All issues are reports from readers unless noted otherwise.

Updated 7/14/2001
bootable int/ext
sony 12x
needs your audio cable replaced or it will not play audio CD's
Yamaha 4416 CDRW
will not fit internally in the CD-Rom bay
Yamaha CDRW 8x4x24 CRW8424SZ
int* /ext
will fit internally with some cutting of the opening on the 6400's front cover. user says he had instability on stock SCSI bus, but it worked fine on a PCI SCSI card.
TraxData CDR 4120 Pro
needs a lot of modification to the 6400 to work internally
Pioneer 305s DVD slot loading drive
needed audio cable hack and used intech CD/DVD drivers
Lite-on 1210 (12x10x32) IDE CDRW
used with IDE to SCSI converter in an external SCSI case
Plextor Ultraplex x32
needs audio cable hacked. does not work with Apples Drivers but will boot to a bootable CD?
Yamaha 6416 scsi cdrw
power mac 6500 ( with a sonnet 400mhz, 512k cache upgrade card). The Yahama 6416 is a scsi type 2 and works with the stock external scsi connector. I use adaptec toast 4.1 software, and have had no problems burning at the 6x speed. 'GtrScottR

7/23/1999 Sony 12x CD-ROMS not compatible with 6400?: Art found this on MacResQ's web site. I think it only means that you can't use the drive to replace your internal CD due to the plugs in the back not being in the correct location to attch to the 6400 in the manner Apple intended (using the adaptor plugs, no cables)

He later replied that someone told him that an external Yamaha 4416 CDRW could boot the 6400. It might not fit internally but it is bootable. Thanks Art

7/30/1999 Update on Sony's CD drive: Randy sent me a letter stating it does work and works great for him. It seems it is an Audio cable issue and he has info on a fix. Thanks Randy.

Trade-In Offer
Buy a Sony CDU415 drive and return your old Apple CD-ROM drive to us for a credit!  MacWorks will credit you $15 for an Apple CD300i+ (2x), $25 for an Apple CD600i (4x), or $40 for an Apple CD1200i (8x).  The used drive must be in working condition.  Credit is issued by the same method as your payment. MacWorks does not pay shipping for the used Apple drives."
That is the link to buy the drive. Like I said, I have it and it works great

More info on Yamaha 4416S CD-RW: Here is some info David sent me. Thanks. for internal use in the upper bay maybe the audio cable mentioned in the above letter would work?

Plextor Ultraplex 32x speed SCSI drive: Chris sends info on his Plextor 32x install. Thanks Chris. Notice he says that it will boot with bootable CD's but Apples Drivers don't work?

Later her sent this.

4/8/2000 CD audio cable hack for non-Apple CD drives: Yee-Wie sent me illustrated instructions on how to make the stock 6400 audio cable work with non-Apple CD drives. Thanks Yee. I have posted this with my 6400 Manual.

11/3/2000 Yamaha CDRW drive installed in stock CD's location: Roque writes that he was able to install a Yamaha CDRW in the stock CD's location with minimal customizing. Thanks Roque

[I installed a Yamaha CDRW drive in the same location as my stock CD-ROM drive on my Performa 6400. Because the Yamaha drive tray has a trapezoid shape, I had to file a similar shape in the plastic of the inner face of the Performa front panel (about 1/8' of the upper left and right corners of the opening). Everything fit fine, but my stock internal SCSI bus was too flaky to work with the drive. I had to buy and install an Adaptec SCSI PCI card, and hook the drive SCSI cable to the internal card. It works fine, but I lost one of my two PCI slots..

Later, I put the old CD-ROM drive back in, and moved the CDRW into the upper expansion bay. I had to cut and file the upper face panel to fit the outside of the Yamaha drive. Both drives work just fine together.
Connecting to the power and internal SCSI cables was simple, with no modifications necessary. The audio connection required an adapter, because Yamaha doesn't use the same connector as Apple. I took the cheap route, and cut apart the plastic of the Yamaha connector, and plugged in the wire ends into the Apple connector.

The computer never recognized the CDRW drive while attached on the internal SCSI cable. The drive started up fine, but I think the stock SCSI bus isn't SCSI-3 format, and too slow for the Yamaha drive. The Manufacturer information doesn't specify SCSI-3 as a requirement, but I think it is necessary for the Mac to recognize the drive. Once I installed an Adaptec SCSI card in my remaining PCI slot, and used the cable supplied with the card to connect the drive, everything was fine, and the computer found the drive as it should.

I left my SCSI scanner and original CD-ROM drive connected to the old stock SCSI connections, and they still work fine.

It is a model 8424SZ drive. Information on the drive is at the Yamaha website at:
I had to cut the plastic off the CDRW drive audio connector, and plug the wire ends into the Performa 6400 audio connector. I could have purchased an adapter cable from Yamaha, but my way was cheaper, and I didn't plan to use the CDRW as an audio CD player much, with my old CD-ROM drive still installed.

2/1/2001 More CDROM compatibility info and Apple Driver hacks: Bob sent me some info on trying to get a Panasonic CR-508 24x Internal SCSI CD-ROM to work in his 6400. He also sent a link to another hack for Apples CD ROM drivers to make them work with third party drives! Thanks Bob.


The above looks like another site with ways to hack Apple's CD/DVD drivers so they work with other drives. From the web page:

One drawback was the fact you had to keep two copies of the CD extension active: the original for Apple's drives, and a modified version for non-Apple drives. Thanks to Anthony Saxton, the author of ClipDragon, it's now possible to have a single modified driver work with both Apple CD drives, and any other SCSI CD ROM drive.

Haven't tried it yet but I'm about to. I got the Panasonic CR-508 24x Internal SCSI CD-ROM today. The audio connector is not compatible with the one in the Apple drive...the pins are on a different spacing and ordered differently. The connector that plugs into the CD board is also a small male 'finger connector' that plugs into a backplane at the back of the slot the CD slides into. So I don't know how easy it would be to hack it or if there are alternatives. Have you heard anything? I'm going to put a note in the discussion board. But it also didn't work with the CD Driver in 8.6. I did have another driver, a CharisMac CD-ROM Extension V14. That driver works great, but not for Audio CDs. When I put a game in (Tomb Raider, etc) it plays great. But when I put an audio CD in and double click on a track, I get a MacOS error message. When I drop the CD into the Toast data folder, I get an error message. So other than playing TombRaider faster, it's worse than my old 8X drive.

I'm going to hack the 8.6 CD Driver and see how it goes....

TraxData CDR 4120 Pro in a 6400: Phil sent me some info on his trials of getting this CDR to fit in his 6400's stock location. Thanks Phil.

[I tried to extract my external SCSI CD-R drive, a TraxData CDR 4120 Pro, and to have it replace my defunct Apple CD drive. It works, it is bootable, there are only 2 drawbacks

The TraxData drive is slightly shorter than the Apple, so there is vacant space between the drive and the plastic cover. Also, alignment is far from ideal and I need to use soft eject (apple CD reader or Toolbar) to open the drive. The audio out plug do not match. I’ll need to find a workaround. Inbetween I still can listen to MP3 CD’s...

Thought this info might be useful to you and your site.

9/2/2001 IDE CDRW drives connected to 6400 with IDE to SCSI adaptors, work!: Bill sends word that he tried several SCSI CDRW drives with some success but an IDE CDRW attached with an IDE to SCSI adaptor not only worked the way a stock Apple CDROM would work but it was cheaper then SCSI ta boot! Thanks Bill.

I have used three CDRWs with my 6400: Ricoh 6200s (2x2x6) and Ricoh 7060s (6x4x24) - External (never tried to install internally as this makes little sense to me). Not Bootable with "C" key, but will boot with selection in Startup Disc CP or 4-finger salute.

Now here's the cool one- Lite-on 1210 (12x10x32) IDE - installed externally using iodata's IDSC20 IDE to SCSI bridge (from Bootable with "C". Works flawlessly with Toast Deluxe 4.1.2. Paid $79 for the drive, $20 for a SCSI case, and around $60 for the idsc20. Hell of a deal for an external SCSI drive with burn-proof.

I also tried (once) to install a Pioneer 32x slot loaded CD internally. It fit, and worked for data discs, but had problems making the audio hookup, so I abandoned it. (Installed it in my 6100 instead.) Not Bootable with "C" key, but will boot with selection in Startup Disc CP or 4-finger salute. BTW, Pioneer is about the only company I know of with a Mac CD driver for download from their website.]

This really brings the CDRW world much closer to us pricewise then it ever was before!

Update on where to buy the above mentioned IDE CDRW drives and cases: Bill sent me more info on where you can purchase the items to make your own inexpensive IDE CDRW drive and some setup tips. Thanks Bill

[The drive was bought at Fry's; it came in a Cendyne Kit. The same kit was advertised this past weekend for $59 after $20 rebate. The Lite-on CDRW is very commonly used in kits; I've seen it in BusLink, IOMagic, and others. It is also available as a bare drive from <>.

The SCSI case was from <>. They have some old PinnacleMicro CDRW cases for $20. Very high quality case and a real bargain. (I bought three.) Order by phone; the website quotes $10 shipping per piece, but when I called, they shipped all three for $10, so they might cut you a better deal on one.

One note regarding the IDSC20- you must remove all jumpers (except those for SCSI ID) for it to work with the CDRW. The documentation I found indicated some of the jumpers installed for a CDRW, but that is wrong. Also, the back of the Lite-on drive is metal and I had some problems with the IDSC20 circuit board shorting against it. I fixed this by covering the panel with electric tape.

I also tried this setup with a Que 16X10X40 drive (NEC Mechanism). It also worked fine, but I ended up returning the QUE drive because it made funky noises.

7/14/2002 Issue with IDE CDROM on internal IDE bus: Will would like to know if anyone has tried to replace the IDE HD with an IDE CDROM and then install a SCSI HD in the upper bay and have everything work? It seems the CDROM causes problems being on the IDE bus. Please email me if you have any ideas for Will. Thanks.

[Hi Thomas,
Will here.

I have got a real good one for you, I think?

Have you heard of anyone changing the 6400 from an IDE drive to a SCSI drive?

Also have you heard of anyone installing an IDE Cd-rom from a G3 into the 6400?

The Cd-rom will start up just fine with a disc in it if you are starting from the cd-rom.

But if you start from the SCSI hard drive with the Cd-rom extention loaded, the finder will quit once it reaches the desktop. But the finder reloads itself. But the cd-rom is not excessible (sp). That is with cd-rom extension 5.0.4 and 5.4 I tried. For the original one loaded with OS 9.1 is the Cd-rom/DVD extension and this is what happens. The computer starts up but kicks open the cd-rom tray. You push it close and it reopens.

The cd-rom I am experimenting with is an OEM 24x from an AIO. The SCSI drive makes the 6400 faster than the IDE one.

Please advise.
There might need to be some sort of system hack needed to use the IDE cd-rom.

Thanks Will]

Booting from a SCSI drive is not to uncommon so there must be an issue with CDROM drives on the stock IDE bus? I am just guessing here but I think the problem is that the internal IDE bus may not be compatible with removable drives such as a CDROM? I say this because I remember there being similar issues with the first IDE PCI cards for Macs where removable drives would not work. It took a few revisions or firmware updates to make these cards work with CDROM drives. Maybe the IDE controller Apples used on the 6400 just doesn't support removable drives. This could explain why it works when a bootable CD is in the drive at boot time but it won't work other times. Bootable CD's have their own drivers on the CD so the computer can use that instead of loading one from the system folder.

8/5/2002 Update on issue with IDE CDROM on internal IDE bus: Last update, Will wrote to say that he had issues with his CDROM being on the IDE bus and all the HD's being on the SCSI bus. Jeffrey replied saying he has had a similar setup for a few weeks now with no issues. Thanks Jeffrey.

[I had installed a 32x IDE CD-ROM (from my G4 Yikes as I upgrade to DVD), I extended the IDE Cable to the CD-ROM bay (removed the original SCSI connector), also extended the SCSI cable to the HDD bay. My system configuration as follow:

6400/200 upgrade to Sonnet G3 L2, 300/512
Farallon 10/100 PCI Ethernet Card
IBM 9.1 Wide SCSI HDD (connect to the SCSI 2 via convertor, 68 to 50 pins, sync to SCSI 2) upper bay ID1
Seagate 9.1 SCSI 2 HDD, ID0
OS 8.6 on SCSI ID1 (2 Mac partition)
Apple CD-ROM driver 1.2.2
Yellow Dog Linux 2.3 on SCSI ID 0
Apple TV Tuner
2xUSB PCI (PC Card), USB driver 1.4.1 installed, Logitech wheel mouse.

I complete the installation about 3 weeks ago (installed YDL 2.3 on 8 Jul via the CD-ROM) I installed the Mac OS 8.6 after the change. Till now, it's working fine, no problem for sound and also the VCD. I can't get the YDL running with G3 L2 loaded.

If I have time, I will take some photograph for the reader. Feel free to contact me if you required more information.


I wonder if the CDROM drive Will is using is bad? Both Will's and Jeffrey's where OEM Apple drives. Jeffrey sent me a picture of the cabling he had to do to get his setup working. The red line shows the path of the IDE cable being attached to an extender cable and going to the IDE CDROM. The green line shows the SCSI cable having an extender cable attached just below the old SCSI CDROM plug and then going to a SCSI HD in the stock location and another SCSI drive attached in the upper bay. Thanks Jeffrey. Sorry its so hard to see but there are just to many cables bunched up inside the 6400.

Jeffrey's IDE CDROM cable setup image

9/27/2002 CDROM drives set to SCSI ID=0 bad!: Brian wrote to say that he had a lot of issues with his new CDROM drive and they did not go away till he changed the SCSI ID from 0 to 4. Thanks Brian.

[I just recently picked up a Yamaha 200SZ CDRW from OWCX to put in my 6400/180/Sonnet G3/300 ... It came with no drivers, no instructions so I assumed it was a straight forward installation.

First of all I must thank you for your website. It had been three years since I had opened up my 6400 and the step by step instructions were a great refresher. And thanks to the pointer to Proline where I picked up a sled and bezel to cut up for $8!

Well, I go the drive into the upper bay and tries it out. The machine took forever to boot and it took three reboots for it to come all the way up (OS 9.1). Then when it did Apple System Profiler showed the drive but it wouldn't read ...

I went home to ponder and the next day I brought in a jumper and set the drive from SCSI address 0 to address 4 and added the Toast Reader Extension to the extensions folder .... all problems went away. Just for chuckles I shut down and set it back to 0 and the sluggish boot came back .... for some reason even though it does finally boot from the ATA bus, it seems to prefer and want to make a good try at booting from SCSI 0 ...

Will OS 9.2 run on a 6400/G3? When I try to install it says it won't go on this machine.. Is there any reason to want to move up from 9.1 and if so how?

Thanks ... Brian]

At first I thought it may have been the Toast extension that fixed it but he says he tried making it ID=0 again and it still had issues. I asked him if he thought that the reason this was a problem was because it was trying to boot to the CDROM even if there wasn't a CD inserted. SCSI ID=0 is the first location Macs look for a boot device after checking for a floppy disk. He wrote back.

[Yes, indeed, that is what appears to be happening, its looking to boot something on SCSI 0 ... once I put a jumper on to make it SCSI 4, all was well in Mudville! Thanks for the reply ... I will check out the 9.2 stuff as well]

So when installing a new CDROM, CDR, or CDRW drive, make sure to make the ID some other number besides ID=0.

Parts for Macs in Japan: Gordon wrote with some info on buying older parts in Japan. Thanks Gordon.

[Dear Thomas,
thanks you for your wonderful website. Thanks to you my 6420 is alive and kicking.

I had some trouble getting hold of parts in Japan, so I would like to share with other 6400 owners in Japan two outlets that I found.

First, I found that you can still get the Farallon FastEther TX10/100 Commslot2 Ethernet board from Part number: JPN998-TX, price: 18,000 yen. They also have the Farallon PCI ethernet board, but that doesn't seem to be in such short supply in Japan.

Second, I was looking for a TV/FM tuner and found one (price: 2,800 yen!), along with several other second-hand boards and parts, at

I should mention that I am not commercially connected to either of these two sites. I don't receive any commission for recommending them. It's just that it took me a lot of effort to locate them, and inspired by the mutual-help theme of the zone6400 site, I wanted to help others in my position.

best regards

Hack Apples CDRom extension to make it run Non Apple CD drives12/18/1998

I found this site that has instructions on how to make Apples CDRom extension work third party CD drives by using ResEdit. Apple stopped allowing its extension to run other drives in the past as it had some compatibility issues with special features on some drives. It should run most drives with their standard features though. One thing they do mention is that once this is done, it will no longer run your Apple CD drive so you will need to keep a copy of your old extension and have both in your Extensions folder to run both a non Apple and an Apple CD drive at the same time. I suggest renaming the hacked extension. I would appreciate any feed back on if it works or not.

Another web site that has a hack for Apples CD-Rom extension: ResExcellence has done the other site one up by a hack that allows the one extension to drive both Apple and Non-Apple CD drives. The previous way mentioned only worked one way or the other so you needed both a hacked and untouched copy if you wanted to run both Apple and Non-Apple CD drives.

DVD for the 6400?7/23/98
see the 10/21/1999 update for a setup that works!

I emailed E4, the makers of CoolDVD for Apples G3, and asked if they had an internal DVD drive that worked on the 6400 since they now have a SCSI version. Here is their reply.

It sounds as if the easy way will be to wait and see if they make an external version which should most definitely work on the 6400. I asked if I could demo the internal version to see if I can make it work INTERNALLY. Stay tuned!

7/24/98 Update on CoolDVD for the 6400: Here is a reply sent from Leanna of E4 on my request to review a loaner system.

Sounds like we will definitely be getting a system that will work on the 6400. I'm still curious about making the internal kit work though. I have sent their sales department a request. Stay tuned.

8/13/98 Update: I haven't received any word yet. Still waiting

12/6/1998 DVD drive that may have a better chance of working with the 6400: In the past I wrote about CoolDVD and their new SCSI version maybe being able to work on the 6400. It turns out that it was an internal only and that the way the 6400's internal CD attaches to the SCSI bus it wouldn't work. Well, ClubMac just came out with an external SCSI DVD drive of their own. I don't know yet if this one will work but its more promising. The PCI card pictured looks like its a short version too so this is even more promising. It's priced at $399 which is $79 less than CoolDVD's internal SCSI version. To find out more info you can visit ClubMac's web site or call 1-800-258-2622 and ask for item #C104-1710. If any of you find out more please let me know.

10/21/1999 DVD setup that does work in the 6400!: Cyril wrote to let me know that he tried a DVD SCSI drive with Wired's 4DVD PCI card and it is working great. Thanks Cyril.

PS. The Pioneer DVD-ROM is a third generation internal SCSI drive (32x in CD-ROM mode). I bought it in France for 1000 F (1 US $ = 6 F).

10/30/1999 Update on Pioneer DVD drive in the 6400: Cytri sent me a note stating that the Pioneer DVD ROM drive he installed in his 6400 was not pin compatible with the stock CD location and had to place it in the upper bay. You can also connect it externally as you do not need to run a sound cable to the drive for DVD to work. It is passed thru the SCSI cable. Thanks Cytri.

1/8/2000 DVD drive tips: I found this info on Accelerate Your Mac's web site. Might help you out if your trying to get a DVD drive to play movies on your 6400.

Patch for Apples DVD player software to run on non G4 systems: Here is a web site that has a patch for the DVD player software Apple bundles with their new G4's using MPEG2 software decoding (no DVD hardware decoder). It seems to work for people that own B&W G3's with ATI Rage128 cards so I thought it might work on a G3 accelerated 6400 with a Rage128 card? Assuming you can get the Rage128 card to work at all :)

1/29/1999 Wired4DVD no go with a 6400?: Jordan sends word that he tried Wired'd DVD PCI card in his G3 upgraded 6400 and it still is not fast enough to play DVD movies. Thanks Jordan.

I have posted earlier from another reader who says the card works great. He also had a Pioneer drive but I don't know if it is the same model Jordan has?

5/13/2000 New SCSI DVD drivers: Yee sends info that Intech has updated their CD/DVD drivers to allow SCSI DVD drives to work now on a Mac! This is great news for us as before you had to use an IDE DVD drive to get full use of the drive. Thanks Yee.

12/15/2000 More info on the Wired4DVD card: Ron owns an 8500 with one of these DVD decoder cards installed and says it works great for him. All the specs of an 8500 are similar to the 6500 except the 8500 has a 10MBps SCSI bus and the 6500 only has a 5MBps SCSI bus. He later told me he also has a 512k L2 cache card installed. This is what most 6500's came with except for the 6500/225 if I remember :) Thanks Ron

[I have owned a Wired4DVD decoder for about 6 months. I have an Apple PM8500/180 96MB RAM/MACOS 9.04. I am using a Pioneer 6X SCSI DVD-ROM drive. It plays beautifully! No skips or sync problems what so ever. I have 3 video cards daisy chained. First is a MacTell Vision Pro output to a Voodoo2 to my Wired4DVD to NEC M500 15" multiscan. The Wired4DVD outputs through RCA jacks so you can watch externally on your television. I highly recommend the card!

7/7/2001 Pioneer 305s DVD drive in a 6400!: Scott is the first to tell me he has a DVD drive installed in the stock CDROM location of a 6400. Thanks Scott.

[We just installed a Pioneer 305s slot-loading DVD ROM drive in place of the stock drive and it works great! We used the Intech driver and the audio cable hack as posted on your site. The hacked Apple DVD Player works good too; just some occasional skipping on the audio.
The DVD drive fit perfectly; except (of course) for the audio cable. It is kinda cool to have the slot loading feature too. I will try to take some pics for you.

3/23/2002 DVD burner format info: I like many of you have tried to figure out which format for burning DVD's is a good choice to go with. Well here is a web site that has info on each of the different formats currently available for burning DVD's and explains what makes each format good or bad.

Burning audio CD's on the 6400 2/1/2001

Here is a letter I got from a reader of mine that is wondering if there is a way to burn an audio CD from CDROM to CDROM any faster then 1x? I have a reply to his letter below.

[<< I have a 6400/180 with a Sonnet G3 upgrade (240MZ). I recently purchased a Lacie 8x8x24 CD burner (SCSI). I have been unable to burn audio CDs directly. I have to convert the audio files to the desktop or record at 1x speed. Is there a way I can configure my computer to improve the data transfer speed? I have an Ethernet card for my cable connection, and a 2 port USB card in my PCI slots. >>]

I have received several letters like this in the past couple weeks. As far as I now this is the only way to do it? Audio CD's only play at 1x so I assume that your CD drive will not go faster because it assumes that with a CD disk installed, you want to play it not burn the data. This means it takes exactly 1min to burn 1min of data so it can take awhile to burn an entire CD going from CD to CD. This will also cause the buffer in Toast to run dry if you pick a faster burn speed then 1x. The other solution is to extract the data as you have done. Neither is a very fast way of doing it though :( I have been unable to make an audio CD any other way myself! If anyone has some info on how to get faster burn speeds going CD to CD with audio disks, please let me know. Thanks

2/10/2001 One solution to burn audio CD's faster then 1x on the 6400: I had posted a message from Ed last time where he stated he was unable to burn an audio CD faster then 1x as I have found myself. Well today he writes that he found a solution for his problem. It turned out to be the third party CD drivers he was using for his CD ROM. Thanks Ed. This would not fix my problem because I am already using Apples drivers :(

[Tom, I am the person who's e-mail you posted about burning audio CDs faster than 1x speed. Thank you for your response and for placing my question on your website. I was using CD-Rom Speedtools as the driver for all of my CD-ROM devices. I thought it was the best way to go, however, I decided to put the Apple driver back in the extensions folder just to see if it would make any difference. Well, all of a sudden I was able to get a speed of 1.4 mbps from my internal CD-ROM driver and I can now burn audio cds at 6x speed directly from disk to disk. Using the Speedtools driver I could only get a speed of 500-600 kbps. I knew the internal device should be capable of 8x speed but couldn't figure out why I it wasn't getting up there. The Speedtools driver seems to have the same effect on my external cd-rom, which is an NEC 40x. It will give me a data transfer speed of 2.4 mbps but only 600-700 kbps on audio cds. For some reason the Toast software won't allow 2x speed, so if you can't make 4x speed only 1x speed is left. You need at least 800-900 kbps to copy at 4x speed. I tried hacking the Apple driver to work on the NEC but it would only work for files and folders. If I try an audio CD I get a Mac OS error -50. It seems that the Speedtools driver doesn't like audio cds. My writer is capable of 8x speed, but I'll settle for 6x. I have read that some CD writers are not capable of high speed audio extraction. Thanks again--Ed]

Ed later sent me an update with a blurb about Toast not recommending a CD to CD copy. Thanks Ed.

[Tom, Yes, that's correct. I copied a CD at 6x and it plays fine, although, I have been advised that copying CDs that way may not be the most reliable method. The Toast manual recommends placing the files on the desktop first.]

Here are some more letters from people who have been able to burn an audio CD faster then 1x. Thanks guys.

[Hi, I have a Performa 6400/200 (EDO compatible) L2 cache 256k with a Sanyo CD burner 8x 2x 20x and Toast 4.1 and I have always been able to burn audio CDs from CD to CD at a 4x rate. (Though I have an old diskman CD player on my HiFi and I was said and experienced that for old players a 2x burning rate is more convenient. Any idea why ?). I also burn my data Cds at 4x, and noticed that I could hardly make it at 8x. I was thinking using a PCI Fast SCSI card for increasing performances. Now I have a Sonnet G3 300MHz/1Mo L2 cache and I can actually burn Cds for data or Audio at 8x rate. Is this the processor speed or the L2 cache or both, well that's running fine. Your site is great ! Long life to it ! Thierry]

[Hi Tom,I've had no problems burning CD's from the internal to my Panasonic 6502 (?--rated 4x) in the upper SCSI drive bay at 2x--I get pops and stutters any faster than that. FWIW.Keep up the good work,David]

[If you're willing to give up a tad in fidelity (most will never notice), rip the audio tracks in a higher quality mp3, then burn directly from mp3 to audio CD with Toast. It's really easy!
Great site! Rob]

So it sounds like you will not be able to burn reliably over 1x or 2x unless you have a faster CPU or perhaps a very fast burner?

3/10/2001 Disk Burner 1.01 and the 6400?: With Apples latest update to DiskBurner, its supposed to be able to burn CD's on more third party CDRW drives so the "Hack" that has been floating around the web that was needed with version 1.0 is not needed anymore. Joey tried the new Disk Burner 1.01 on his 6400 but the installer wouldn't work? I still think that it will only install on newer G3/G4 systems and he should try TomeViewer to extract the files. If anyone does get it to work on their 6400/6500, please let me know. Thanks.

[I have a CD burner that works great with iTunes 1.1 and is supposed to work with the new Disc Burner 1.01. The problem is that when I launch the Disc Burner installer it provides an error message saying that Disc Burner is not compatible with my computer (6400/180/88mb/OS9.1). Clicking OK in the error message quits the installer. I was wondering if anyone else you know of is having similar problems. All the readmes and info I can find lists only OS 9.1 and a compatible CDR drive as requirements.

I have read that even though most CDRW drives Apple mentions come in SCSI or mostly IDE versions, DiskBurner will still only work if those drives are installed in an IDE to USB or IDE to Firewire external case :( Apples burning drivers are still not fully compatible with plain old SCSI or IDE CDR/CDRW drives! Click here to read a letter from Paul who explains how the "Hack" worked. Thanks Paul.

4/21/2001 Toast 5.0 on a 6400: Mike sent some info on how well Toast 5.0 is running on his 6400. Thanks Mike. I to have had nothing but success with the new version. I don't even have to turn off file sharing or my server software anymore :)

[Here is a quick note on how Toast 5 is working on a 6400. I have a 6400/200 with a G3/300/1MB Sonnet Card, an ATI Xclaim 3D Plus video card (and yes I have audio problems, although lately they are intermittent), 136 MB Ram, running OS 9.1, and I have a Verbatim (Mitsubishi) 2X2X6X CD-RW. When I was running Toast 4.1.2 I had to make a special extensions set in Conflict Catcher because I was making too many coasters when all my extensions were on. However, (and I am happy to report) 5 is running flawlessly! :-) I even have iTunes running and no bad burns yet. A lot folks are complaining about the interface, but to me I can care less when you have a stable program. Background burning is great!!! I can log online, surf, use MS Word, and still no coasters. Thanks for the Zone and I hope this provides a little feedback on Toast 5.

There isn't really any audio info in this post but I thought I would let people know how well Toast 5 was :) Maybe it will help to make better audio CD's?

Making bootable CD's with Toast 2/9/2002

Tom sent me a PDF document that has some very good info on making a bootable CD using Toast Titanium. The info should work on older versions as well but the options may be in different locations. Thanks Tom.

12/22/2003 Instructions on making your own bootable CD with your favorite utilities and L2 G3 drivers installed: John sent some instructions on how to make a trouble shooting CD that will activate your G3 while booted to a CD. Thanks John!

After I sent you the info about the SMC ethernet card I happened to check the forums. I saw a complaint about booting from the TechTool CD being so slow because it boots off the 603 cpu instead of the G3 upgrade. Here's something I've done so I can boot off an emergency CD with the G3 card. Since this may be of general interest I'm sending it to you instead of posting in the forum.

With a CD burner and Disk Copy you can make your own troubleshooting CD that will boot with the G3 card. Using Disk Copy create a disk image the size of a CD. Now run your system installation CD and create a basic operating system on the image. Next run the utility installer (TechTool Pro, Norton's etc) and install the program on the image. Now copy the Sonnet enabler to the extension folder in the system on the disk image. If you need to update your utility program you can do it to the program in the image. Burn the contents of the disk image to a CD and you'll be able to boot from the CD with the G3 card active.

You can even make an emergency CD with multiple system versions and several utilities. I made an emergency CD with TechTool Pro, TT-lite, Norton's Utilities and DiskWarrior and OS 8.6, OS 9.04 and OS 9.2.2 on one disk. Along with the Sonnet enabler I added the iDock drivers for my iMac. I've used this CD on everything from my 6400/G3 and iMac to TiBooks and G4 towers. If you try this be sure to use the program installers, if you try to drag a copy into the image you don't get the preference and registration files you need.]

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