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Before emailing me at The 6400 Zone, you may wish to post your question at The 6400 Zone Forums. Not only do I reply to most messages posted there but you also can get replies from other users who may know more about your particular situation then I do. Plus, I normally don't answer email on the days I work :(

Email - "" - Used for just about any question you may have. My door is always open :)

Online email form - Here you can send me a message without having an email program handy. It is part of my forums service, so it may look a little strange when it says "Thanks for contacting the Admin of forum 8627". Don't worry, that's me :)

The 6400 Zone Forums - Used for posting any inquires you may have on the 6400/6500 and others based on the same design. This will allow others to help diagnose your problem as well as me. You may get a quicker response from here to your problem then emailing me directly?

Mac Equipment for Sale - Used for posting items for sale or browsing what others have posted to purchase.

The 6400 Zone's Online Take Apart Manual - This takes you to my 6400/6500 take apart manual. It should help you remove or add any item to your Mac. If not then let me know and maybe I can add more to it :)

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