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This page contains info and links on the various video cards for the 6400/6500. Please feel free to send me your experiences.

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7/6/04 - IXMICRO Twin Turbo card in a 6400: Wil says he was able to fit a Twin Turbo card from a 9600 into his 6400 with a bit of cutting and its only $14.95. Thanks Wil!

[I have installed a ixmicro twin turbo 8 mb video card in a 6400 and it works! Since the card was made for a Mac9600 it is too long so I cut off the tail (about the last 3 1/2 inches) since there is no electronics on that part of the card, installed it in the PCI slot. It was still a little longer than the mother board but it easily pushes the ribbon cable out of the way and causes no problems. I was running 8.6 and upgraded to 9.1 which allowed the card to recognize an additional screen resolution. The card is available from (just scroll down a bit to find it) for $14.95 plus shipping. I obtained the ixmicro 9600 graphic accelerator from OS 9 since is was not provided with 9.1 but it does not seam to provide any additional features. Other ixmicro drivers (4.02) do not recognize the card and therefore do not load on startup. The 6400 has a Sonnet 320MHZ upgrade card, max ram, a D-Link ethernet card and a 30 gig Maxtor HD. After a few days of using the card I have not had any conflicts and the machine runs just fine as it always has.

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