Audio/Monitor Subassembly
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Sorry for the bad pictures. Some are not mine and others are rehashed from different parts of this manual. I have not performed this procedure myself so this is all I have.

You must first have removed the front cover & top covers, left side panel, and TV/Tuner card (if installed).

Now remove the 2 nuts to either side of the monitor plug (red arrows). Then pull the subwoofer knob (white arrow) off with a pair of pliers.

On top there is one screw mid way back just before the opening that needs to be removed.

Now you can pull out the entire subassembly for the TV/Tuner and Audio/Monitor. Sorry I don't have a pic for that yet.

There will be 2 cables connected to this. One is a large ribbon cable and the other is a 2 pin plug that goes to the subwoofer. you will need to remove these if replacing the subassembly.

More instructions to come. You can remove the audio card or montior port from this point. If I ever do that I'll take some pictures :)

Reinstall in reverse order.

Getting a broken subwoofer volume knob to function again

image of subwoofer knob

Rett found an interesting way to get his broken subwoofer knob to work again. He melted a slot into the remaining plastic which can now be turned with a small screw driver. Thanks Rett.

[Thanks. I had already read your entire site, and was hoping for a "magic bullet" solution. Replacing or deconstructing in this instance is not indicated because of the expense and time involved, and there being no "upgrade" part (ie; a knob with a durable shaft) available. So, even though heat and computers don't mix, I took a VERY small jewellers screwdriver, got it very (red) hot, and gently melted a slot where the volume knob broke off. Now I can dial the volume, a rare necessity, with a screwdriver. Thanks for your reply. Rett]

10/20/2000 A real Subwoofer knob fix: I had posted one or two fixes for broken subwoofer knobs recently but they where really just hacks to make it work. Charlie just sent me some info on how to replace the actual knob by getting a replacement board that the knob is a part of. Thanks Charlie

I read on your site about the user with the broken subwoofer volume control knob. The user said there wasn't a cheap or easy solution but THERE IS! My control knob broke last month and being the perfectionist I am, I was determined to find the original part. It is listed as the "Subwoofer Assembly" and I got it from DT&T Computer Services The part number is 922-2384. It costs only $15.00 and although it comes with a whole assembly which is a daughterboard for the reset button and also connects the original apple video adapter, you just need the knob. Just pull the knob off and put it in your 6400. The knob ships already connected to the assembly but you have remove it anyway if you were replacing the assembly. Hope this helps someone else as I was thrilled it was a cheap and easy part to get.

11/3/2000 More info on replacing the subwoofer knob: Tom sent me some info on a location that sells just the knobs without the audio card. The price is still $15 but you get 2 knobs instead of one. Thanks Tom.

I saw the recent activity on trying to find replacement subwoofer knobs for the 6400/6500 computers. I have already had to replace mine twice.
If you go to Sun Remarketing at and order part number 922-2367, you can get a package of two knobs for $15.23.
Hope this helps folks out there!

If anyone buys these and would like to sell the 2nd knob just let me know.

6/7/2002 Broken SubWoofer knob adhesive: Tom sent me some info on gluing your subwoofer knob back on if it has broken off. Thanks Tom.

[I was cleaning my 6400 and broke off the sub woofer knob while removing the back cover. My experience is that super glue or epoxy glue crack too easily to be used on something that has stress put on it.

I found a new shock resistant adhesive that I fixed my knob with and it has held up with no problems. (I turn my volume down almost every morning so I don't awake the wife when I boot-up my 6400) Its called "Power Poxy Stix-On Contact" and was under $2 a tube at Wal-Mart. Might be the fix for other users with the same problem.

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