CD-ROM Drive Removal
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If your installing a non-Apple CD/DVD drive and want to play Audio CD's in it then check out these instructions from Yee-Wei on how to make it work.

NOTE: Apples iTunes does not need the audio cable as it gets the music data right over the SCSI cable. A few other apps work this way as well but the standard Apple Audio CD Player will not work as it still uses the audio cable to get music to the speakers.

You must first have removed the front cover

Press up on the clip and pull out the drive

The CD-ROM has no cables attached. Just 2 adapter plugs

You'll need to remove these adapters for use on your new drive

I used a flat head screw driver to help pry them out

Picture with adapters removed

The drive sled removal is similar to all drives so the following pictures will be used over and over

remove these 4 screws

lift off sled

reinstall in reverse order

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