CUDA Switch
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Many of you may be thinking "What is this CUDA switch thingy?" Well its the mother board reset button. It resets the PRAM on your mother board. The PRAM stores lots of critical information like hardware addresses for all of your installed cards and it also stores information such as the Date and Time and your Apple Talk status (on or off). NVRAM stores settings such as your monitors resolution at last shutdown but I am not sure if this button resets that as well?

I'm sure you have all heard the term Plug and Play on the PC side, well the Mac is the best at Plug and Play and its info is stored in that PRAM. Now if you install a new PCI card, chances are the Mac will reconfigure itself just fine and you won't have any problems. But, there is a chance it won't work as we expect and your new card will either be flaky or not even seen! If you reset the mother board then it should be recognized just fine.

You must first remove the mother board

Now just press the little button for a second or two and that's it. It's the little silver square shaped component with a round black button on it. It's possible that some mother boards have a different colored button but the shape and location are all the same.

Always press the mother board reset button once installation or removal of any card is complete. You will have to reset your Date and Time control panel, Apple Talk will become active, and possibly your display settings will need to be resetup.

reinstall in reverse order

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