PCI riser card Removal
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The 6400/6500 have two PCI slots. Technically there is only one slot with a riser card mounted in it that has two slots on it. The 5400/5500/6360 only have a one PCI slot riser card do to space constraints.

You must first remove the mother board and any PCI cards that are installed.

We will be dealing with #3 which is the PCI slot riser card. It is located just above the CPU.

First you have to remove this mounting screw.

Then there is another screw under the mother board that has to be removed.

Now remove the top PCI slot cover screw but only loosen the bottom screw to remove the lower cover. If you remove both screws at the same time then you will have to deal with placing the little spring guard behind these back in. If you had PCI cards installed, they should be removed by now so you can skip this step.

Once the PCI cover guard is free you can take it out but the mother board battery is now in the way. Remove the mother board battery.

Now the guard comes out easily.

Next lift up on the riser card from both ends in a gental rocking motion. I'm only holding it by one hand because I'm taking pictures with the other :)

Now the riser card is out and you can continue to install or remove a Video Out card.

Always press the mother board reset button once installation or removal of any card is complete

reinstall in reverse order

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