PRAM Battery Replacement
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A dead PRAM battery can cause issues from the Date & Time not being preserved across system shutdowns and bootups to the boot rom not being able to find a bootable drive to a black screen on bootup! Click here to read more on that last issue.

New PRAM batteries can be purchased from:

Here is a link to RayOvacs site with info on this particular battery. Thanks Greg

[Rayovac has more info than most will want, but is quite interesting. For the 6400's battery the site link is :
Thanks Greg]

You must first remove the mother board

The PRAM battery, or mother board battery, is located right next to the PCI riser card and main CPU. Its purpose is to keep the contents of the PRAM alive while the Mac is unplugged. Here are the specs on the battery which ships with the 6400:

RayOvac Computer Clock Battery

Radio Shack is probably a good place to look for a replacment if needed.

Battery removed. There is a velcro pad under the battery which holds it in place. I don't know if the new battery will come with this or not? I suggest getting a piece if not to make sure the battery does not move around!

Always press the mother board reset button once installation or removal of any card is complete. Maybe not needed as you did just remove the battery but better to be safe then sorry :) You will have to reset your Date and Time control panel and possibly your display settings if the battery was removed for an extended period of time.

reinstall in reverse order

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