Ram DIMM Removal
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The 6400 uses 168pin, 5volt, 2k refresh, FPM (70ns) or EDO (60ns), DIMMS

The 6500 only uses EDO DIMMS but the rest of the specs are the same.

The larges size DIMM either can use are 64MB DIMMS. So the maximum amount of ram for the 6400 is 136MB (64+64+8 on the mother board) and the maximum amount for the 6500 is 128MB (64+64). There is no built in ram on the 6500's mother board.

You must first remove the mother board

Press the little lever next to the Ram DIMM to unlock and lift out this one side

Now you can lift up on both sides to remove the DIMM. Take care not to touch any of the components so you don't short them out.

Align the new DIMM in the socket and press firmly. Take care not to push so hard that the DIMM bends sideways. You may break off the connector or your DIMM socket.

Always press the mother board reset button once installation or removal of any card is complete

reinstall in reverse order

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