Comm II slot Removal
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If your removing the Geo modem for good then click here to get a list of related software that should also be removed. You'll also need to remove the plug on the modem port next to the printer port so you can use other devices on it. The modem port will work even with an Ethernet card installed. Its only disabled when a modem is in the COMM II slot.

It is not nesseccary to cover the hole left by removing the Geo modem and not installing another card, but if you like you can try to buy the plug from

Proxim (formerly Farallon) sells a good 10/100 COMM II slot ethernet card:

You must first remove the mother board

The Comm II slot is located just behind the PCI slots. I'll be using the Geo modem card for this example. there are also ethernet cards available for this slot.

I like to use a flat head screw driver to help pry up the end of the card

If you still need more help lifting it out then you might try using a small jewelers screw driver (or some other small pointed object) and pry up here in the open area between the connector pins.

Now lift the card up from the far end and tilt out. Some cards have a notch up by the rear panel which requires this tilt but others can be lifted straight up.

Always press the mother board reset button once installation or removal of any card is complete

reinstall in reverse order

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