Mother Board Removal
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New mother boards can be purchased from:

Make sure you grounded yourself by touching the PCI slots before the power cord is removed. Now removed the power cord.

Remove these 2 screws

Pull on these 2 tabs straight back until the mother board is all the way out. Place it on the magazine so you don't damage the backside components while your working on it.

Below is the mother board with various components pointed out:

1. Comm II slot (this picture has the Geo modem installed)
2. mother board battery
3. PCI riser card for installing 2 PCI cards
4. heatsink on top of 603e CPU
5. main connector to the inside of the tower for transfer of IDE, SCSI, video, sound, and power signals
6. mother board bus crystal
7. L2 cache slot (this pic has a 512k L2 cache installed. This is also where the G3 upgrades go)
8. Ram slots (has a 32M DIMM and a 16M DIMM installed)
9. mother board reset button. Press this whenever installing or removing and card

Always press the mother board reset button once installation or removal of any card is complete

reinstall in reverse order

You can now install / remove:

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