Video Out cards
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Basically there are two different types of video out cards. The NTSC Video Out card and the Video Out card. You can read more about these cards here:

I don't have a full install/removal set of instructions yet as I don't own any of these cards myself. But Alec was nice enough to send me these pictures so I could show you something on them. Thanks Alec! One thing he notes is that these cards may interfere with some PCI cards in the lower slot such as the Avid card.

You must first remove the mother board and PCI riser card.

The Video Out card is actually two cards connected by a long thin ribbon cable. One end connects in the slot just behind the PRAM battery and the other end connects in the slot just in front of the PCI riser card slot. After the PCI riser card has been removed, you need to remove the plug from the mother boards backplane by releasing these two snaps.

Below is what it looks like without the plug.

Below is a picture of the card upsidedown as it attaches to the backplane. The mother board was removed from the backplane in this picture. You won't need to go that far though.

The picture below shows the Video Out card installed. The PCI riser card hasn't been reinstalled yet.

Here you see the PCI riser cards from a 6400 and a 6500. The 6500 is the one on the bottom. Note the large notch removed in the 6500's card. Its for clearance of the Video Out card. If installing this card in a system that did not originally ship with one, it will be necessary to make this notch in your riser card. A good shaping saw or hack saw should work fine to make the cut. Just make sure you don't cut any electrical lines on the circuit board!

Here you see why the notch is needed. This is what it looks like once the PCI riser card has been reinstalled.

Always press the mother board reset button once installation or removal of any card is complete

reinstall in reverse order

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