Have got the video out card in and working, eventually! Still don't understand exactly what is going on but it will work itself out.

First a warning. To fit this thing it's everything out, including the PCI Riser card. You can then fit it in place with the plate and screws. Didn't get any screws BTW but I found some to fit, M2,5 I think.

The PCI Riser, when replaced, fouls quite heavily on the card. Right or wrong I took the corner off the PCI Riser card with a hacksaw. Be careful though as this exposes copper embedded in the board. I put some tape over the exposed edge as it still just touched following the butchery.

The white plastic cover on the Geoport fouls slightly on the end of the card but there is not a lot that can be done about that.

Otherwise, it all went back together with no problems. It would be interesting to know if the 6500 uses a different PCI Riser though?

All that remains is to apply the self-adhesive label to indentify the ports.

I can't get anything out of the television so far, have a feeling that the card may only do NTSC and not the PAL we need over here. Just get a load of lines like the picture is not syncing. So I hooked the S-Video out to the S-Video in and fired up the Apple Video Player. Still had no picture until I set the display to 640 x 480 @ 60Hz when a picture appeared. Any other setting resulted in loss of sync. Have not got time to play further at the moment.

I do wonder if the limited onboard VRAM may restrict the options with this seteup. Perhaps it's why this part is only listed for the 6500.


I may be missing something but it appears to be a bit of a dissapointment at the moment. The card only mirrors the main screen and only at 640 x 480 @ 60Hz. It seems to be dependant on the monitor resolution for it's setting rather than being adjustable separtely as on the AV Macs.

Be nice to know how this thing does on 6500's with the 2Mb VRAM. Was this why they were given more than the 6400.


Photo of mod to PCI Riser Card attached. The card carrying the video out connectors is to the left. You can see where I cut the corner off the PCI riser card. Without doing this the now removed corner of the PCI Riser card conatcted the video out card and deflected it downward. Note the tape on the riser to protect the exposed copper on the Riser.

The piece of the card that steps out just fouls the Geoport on the plastic cover and it is now slightly bowed as a result. Options are limited on this one as there are two connections on that piece of the card, just where you would like to cut a bit off. Removal of the plastic cover would probably help but the two cards would probably then touch.

The ribbon cable runs to a small card pluged into the video out on the MoBo. This card touches up against the pram battery connector btw. It's all a bit tight in there.

What I've been trying to say and failing miserably so to do is that with this set up you cannot adjust the monitor resolution independantly of the video as on the AV Macs.

Hope this helps.

The bend in the Geoport Card still bothered me so I removed the Geoport and cut a small slot in the cover. It ended up a little longer than necessary but it clears the video card and lets the Geoport to sit straight.

The photo shows what was done. You will note the slot does not go right through at the end. this is to prevent any contact between the two circuit boards.


motherboard with card installed image
Above: the two cards (circled) are connected by a ribbon cable.

video out ports image
This shows the ports from the back of the case

cut in PCI riser card image
Here you can see the cut he made in the PCI riser card to allow the video card to fit. Can anyone with a 6500 confirm if the riser card is notched or not? This video card was designed for the 6500, not the 6400.

cut in Geo card cover image
Here is the cut he made in the cover of his Geo modem card. US cards do not have this cover so there is no need to do this on a US model.