Dust you say...?
...in the power supply...?

Macintosh Performa 6400/200 purchased February 1997.
June 28, 2003, finally removed the power supply to install a new fan (Radio Shack part# 90-2513)!!
The power supply grill exterior had been cleaned at least once a year along with the tower case and all peripheral parts.
This time though, my first thought was, uh oh...I do not remember it ever looking like this.

Oh man, what a suprise...I knew there was a real "treat" waiting for me as I slowly began to lift the top section and that brown stuff began to tumble out...
"Gauge Pro" utility had been showing a CPU temp of 68o C. Normal has always been around 50o C.

Yes, I do believe it is time for surgery...

The longer I stared at this, it began to take on a life of its own...I swear it moved...
The result from a house with moderate dust, dreadful pollen seasons, oil heat, smokers.

...looks as if someone has hurled in there...

Right after the first round of cleaning, tough film remains on interior sides...teased the stubborn bits between components out with a cotton swab and narrow mini vac attachment overhead (...hooked up to an industrial vacuum)...Cotton swabs and alcohol scrubbed off the remaining film...
That's the new fan up there, old fan brushed clean but not "scrubbed", packed/stored away in new fan box...

Good grief...there are open spaces where there once was crud, thought there would be more components...

This was an all day affair as the entire tower was dismantled, outer cover pieces taken out in the sun, scrubbed with cleanser and hosed off. Man that got it looking good...
Peripherals were also removed for a thorough once over, with a feather duster and vacuum, not the hose.

Consumed an entire pot of coffee.

Indeed a job to be proud of...yes, there is color on "them parts", gloss on the chrome...room to breathe...still stunned.
I can hear it say...AHHHHHHHH, thank you Dave.
Thank you, thank you...

After assembly and re-boot, initial temp was 38o C.,wow, reaching 50o C. with regular use.
The new fan was so quiet I had to get down and put my face up to the tower's backside to make sure it was running.
It was.

I have yet to create the attachment points for a CPU fan (Radio Shack part# 273-240), I'll save that for another day, another pot o'coffee...

I did remove the heat sink and re-apply heat sink compound (Radio Shack part# 276-1372 A) while the cards were removed from the motherboard for detailed cleaning.

For an idea of the system load...

Main set-up:
1997 Performa 6400/200
OS 8.6
Sonnet G3 300/1MB proccessor upgrade (extension version 1.4.7)
Sonnet Clocker to 320
ATi VR Pro 8MB pci card
Mitsubishi 22" Diamond Plus 200 monitor into ATi VR Pro out(Generally set to thousands of colors, 1024x768 75hz).
Orange Micro Firewire/SCSI pci card
Full 136MB RAM: 2 x 64 + 8 on board
Quantum Fireball LM15 13GB as Start-up Hard Drive @ 7200 rpm: three partitions
Seagate Medalist Pro ST3914ON 8GB Hard Drive in upper bay: two partitions
Stock Matshita CR-8008 8x CD ROM
Stock floppy
Epson Stylus Color 900G printer
Global Village 56k v.90 modem
MacPro Plus keyboard by Key Tronic
Stock mouse

6400 SCSI:
Microtek X12USL flatbed scanner
Iomega Zip 250
Microtek PCMCIA card reader
Nikon LS-10E Coolscan film scanner
Orange Micro SCSI
APS(Seagate ST3452ON) 4GB external HD
Iomega Zip 100
Orange Micro Firewire:
Yamaha 16/10/40 EIDE CRW-2100E in "Firewire Direct" firewire enclosure

Dave Joern

Website built with this set-up, Photoshop 5.5, GoLive 5

CPU temp remains steady at 50o C.
Purring like a kitten...

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