Date Posted: 04/06/02
In reply to: Bill message, "Re: What's required? Appletalk to Ethernet"

Hi, If you have need to use your PCI slots in a 6400, 5500 or 6500 go with the comm 2 slot 10t or 100t ethernet card. If you need to use the modem as a backup leave it in place and go with a pci ethernet card. The PM5500 and 6500 can run the comm 2 card, serial printer port, serial spare port at the same time. The older performers using the comm 1 slot can only support either the internal slot or the external serial port and the printer at the same time.

Anyway once you get the cards in and the apple talk control panel shows ethernet as a selection, all you need to connect the macs and PCs at least to the internet via a cable modem is the cable and router. You need the router to have multible computers share the one cable/ethernet modem. Otherwise if you hub connected them all at once only the first to wake up would get the port. You would have to power off all, even the modem to get another computer to see the port. The router avoids this issue, because it gets the port from the modem and than shares it to the computers. Its also a firewall.

If you only need the Macs to see each other and no TCP web access its done by using a simple ethernet hub between them and the cable. The hub makes it easier to set the appletalk to ethernet system up, If the hub or router is not powered on the apple talk control panel will not give the ethernet as an option, unless. Older Macs would have to use a crossover cable and you would have to turn both macs to apple talk ethernet at exactly the same time to get them to see each other. iMacs should work without the simultanious switching though. Just get a cheap hub for $20 or $40 its alot easier. PC ones work fine. The ethernet wire comes premade in certain lengths. If all you need is to transfer data and share applications and have the Macs in the same room, go with the 10 ft cables. Stick with cat5 cable, its the current standard. To make your own cable, buy the cat 5 cable bulk and buy a crimper tool and the terminators. The trick with ethernet cable is to wire each end if holding side by side the same. green on left, green on left and so on. The pairs are twisted, green solid green striped and so on. This is the improtant part or it will not work for more than 10 feet. There are 4 twisted pair. Keep all the pairs side by side except for the 3,6 position, which are not side by side and reverse the center pair. These have to be reversed or you will only get 10 foot of signal. Also the idea is to never have a solid next to a solid. Believe me, it will not work unless you follow this pattern. See below:
Br=Brown, BrS=Brown Stripe, G=Green, BuS=BlueStripe, Bu=Blue
GS=GreenStrip, O=Orange, OS=OrangeStripe
* *
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Once this is all connected you have to set the file share control panel. Its a bit confusing, but you have to name each computer (pick an easy name to remember and don't ever change it) Next put a share folder on each computers desktop and name them unique like PM6400 share folder and iBook share folder and never change those names either. Next turn file share on. Wait to it to activate and go to each share folder and using the get info share menu set them to share read write. Now when the Macs are connected to the ethernet, and apple talk is on and file share is on, those folder will appear on each others desktop. You transfer files by placing them in the folders and copying those items to your hard drives.

Getting Macs and PCs to share files has to be done a different way. The simplest way to transfer files is through a common e-mail system like yahoo mail. To get them to see a shared folder like on a NT server, you have to buy something like Dave for the Macs to make them look like a windows network computer and use the standard windows file share controls. I have never bothered to do this latter method.

I have a win95 and three Macs on the same router. All see the internet thourgh the router and cable modem. But they can't see each outher except for the Macs can see each other if appletalk is set to ethernet and file share is turned on (remember, you have to set each mac disk or folder to share and assign a password for them to see each other). Keep each Macs computer name and user name the same to reduce confusion, set a common password as well. If they are behind a router they are pretty safe from hacking. If you want them safer remember to turn off file sharing when its not used.