How to make the USB lights

You will need: USB cable, preferably a square one:


Paper 2 Wires,one red and one black, any length longer than 70 cm (3 inches).

Wires for between the bulbs, any color or length.

Bulbs or LEDs, the total load must be no more than 500 ma (milliamps) or 0.5 amps Bulb holders, if using bulbs Because LEDs are more efficient, you can use more LEDs than bulbs before you reach the maximum amperage.


1) First of all, you have to cut out a piece of paper so that it fits into the USB connector covering all of the pins except the one at the top left. You can tell what is the top of a USB cable because it has the USB sign on the top. Here is a picture of the paper inside the connector, click on the pictures for a bigger picture:


2) You have to strip 0.7mm of the red wire and turn the bare end while holding the other end still to wind the fibres together. Bend the bare wire back over the insulated part of the wire. Then put the wire into the connector, MAKING SURE IT IS NOT TOUCHING THE OUTSIDE OF THE CONNECTOR OR ANY OF THE OTHER PRONGS! You may severely damage your Mac’s circuitry if the wires touch! Your connector/cable should now look somthing like this:

Sellotape the red wire firmly onto the rest of the connector.

3) Strip about 1cm of the black wire and sellotape it onto the metal outside of the connector. Sellotape all of the wires firmly onto the connector. Recheck that the red wire is not touching any of the other pins except pin 1. Your connector is now finished and should look somthing like this:

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